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Ask Lily: Virginity

does every woman bleed when the break there virginity? the first time i had sex,i never bled n i was a virgin.i told my boyfriend by the that i was a virgin but later thot i lied to him.hes my husband now but still he doesnt believe that i was a virgin when we met.how do i explain coz i have nt experienced bleeding? Juliet

Ask Lily: Old virgin :(

Hello Lily, I am a 28 year old lady,and still a virgin.Yup,as wierd as that may seem,i am and still going strong!I really don’t seem to be interested in men beyond flirting!(am a serial flirt!),am not/never interested in sex nor having children.I am now getting kinder worried and wondering if am normal.I am in a long distance relationship with a guy who respects me and has never pressured me for sex.We plan to marry soon but am afraid i’ll not/never be interested in sex and ofcourse i’ll lose him pronto! Question,are there pills for women… Continue reading →

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