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The Perfect Lady [Part 2]

Yasmin wasn’t short as I had imagined, but surprisingly her height lingered just shy of being top model material. I mean, if she took two steps closer, pressed her body close to mine, and tilted her head slightly upwards, we would undoubtedly engage in the most passionate of French kisses without either of us straining to maintain contact. As I eased forward for a handshake, my gentleman character feeblyhanging in the balance, her face lit up to pave way for a playful girlish chuckle. The fact that her lower lip curved just enough to give… Continue reading →

The Perfect Lady [Part 1]

The Perfect Lady [Part 1]

It was a dull Thursday evening, the day had been one painfully long dull stretch, the weather was bleak, the trees were not swaying gracefully as always, the birds seemed to have gone on a chirping strike. It was basically one of those days when even the slightest of disappointments makes you want to kill yourself. And I told myself that if nothing exciting were to happen before I retired to bed that night, I would permanently erase this day from my calendar, my year would be 364 and a quarter days, and I would… Continue reading →

Introducing James [Part 5]

Crys : I met him again later. I said hi and he started stammering. Sue : Stammering? Oh, he likes you for sure. He’s speechless ! James : Or scared you’d seen him chatting up that girl around the corner. More missiles . Poor James. Tina : I got a question. There’s this guy who only calls me when he’s high. What’s with that? Crys : Simple. Dutch courage. Booze makes people do stuff they’re too scared to do while sober. Or too sensible. That’s why you can name-call your boss when you’re drunk. You… Continue reading →

Introducing James [Part 4]

Crys : Okay smart guy, since you have all the answers, he told me there’s this girl he really likes, but he doesn’t have the courage to pursue her. So I’m going to ask him out. James : WHAT?? Why would you do that? Crys : He was obviously talking about me- James : Right. He has the guts to say you’re beautiful – and those are REAL guts – but he doesn’t have the guts to ask you out? Crys : Well…but why would a guy be scared to ask a girl out? James… Continue reading →

Introducing James [Part 3]

Crys: Sue, surely you can recognise the look. Besides, he gazes at me, then he smiles, this secret smile. You know the secret smile. Sue : True, if a man looks at you like that and smiles, it means he likes you. James : Or it means your dress is funny, or you have spinach in your teeth, or he’s thinking about the girl at the strip club last night… Luckily for James, all the missiles in the room are stuffed with faux cotton, and they all head his way. Sue : Did you ask… Continue reading →

Introducing James [Part 2]

Sue: So did you offer it? Crys : Yep Tina : And he said…? Crys : That he has the uneasy feeling it would be a perfect fit. Sue : Ooooooh that’s sooo romantic! Did he try it on? James : I bet he changed the subject. Crys : Actually, he did change the subject…how did you know? James : Coz he didn’t mean it. Crys : And how would you know that? James : Coz if he meant it, he wouldn’t talk about it, he’d just wear it. If a guy likes you, he’ll… Continue reading →

Introducing James [Part 1]

Introducing James [Part 1]

I’m trying to figure something out today. I read an article in a Saturday Mag once. It described how women and men see things in a different light, the way us girls like to analyse every word and gesture and nuance, and how a ‘white elephant’ to a guy is a ‘thing’ to a girl. How he didn’t try to ‘catch’ for three months coz he really liked her, how she thought he was a gentleman for the first three dates of chilling, then started to wonder if he was gay. How he finally asked… Continue reading →

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