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Crazy Females, SMS, and Bacon

Crazy Females, SMS, and Bacon

I over-think things. A lot. I expect most girls do. So any word, sign, gesture, text (or lack thereof) – especially from a guy – will be dissected, scrutinized, and pummeled for every possible nuance of meaning. “Why did he say that? What is he really thinking? Is he trying to tell me something?” I admit this level of analysis is … well … crazy … but I fear it may be DNA-related. And many times, when you walk up to the guy and simply ask him, he will  scratch his head and give a… Continue reading →

Overthinking 104

“Say something.” Something. “Something else.” Ok. Something else. “Crys!!” What do you want me to say? “Argh!! Look, I thought long and hard before telling you that. With any one else I would have stayed far away, but I don’t want to lose my best friend. Besides, you’re always saying you want the truth!” That stings. Truth often does. But he’s right, I do want the truth, that’s what I always say. I just didn’t expect it to hurt so much. So thanks for being honest about it, I guess.

Overthinking 103

“The average man loves a challenge. So as much as he will say he hates when you play hard to get, he will be a little uneasy if you don’t. Give in too soon and he wonders how many other guys you’ve given in to. Play a little hard and your value goes up. That’s the whole point behind sexual harassment. You put him off, he thinks you’re challenge and tries harder.” Aha. So to put off a stalker I should… “Punch him. Or embarrass him in public … then hire a bodyguard for when… Continue reading →

Overthinking 102

Overthinking 102

Jaimie did call me eventually. We go too far back for him to shut me out completely. Phew! His response is interesting though. He has chosen to act like nothing happened. No mention of lions or gazelles or asking out. Though in all fairness, I didn’t actually ask him out. I just asked what he would do IF I asked him out, and whether dating me was such a ridiculous idea. So technically, I didn’t actually ask him out… Anyway, I was quite perplexed when he showed up at my house on Saturday with pizza… Continue reading →

Overthinking 101

I am one of those unusual girls that are sometimes called alpha females. That should be a good thing, except that it’s not usually said like that. See, the thing with alpha females is that boys don’t really know what to do with us. They are turned on by the strength, the independence, and the fact that they don’t have to pay all the bills, but they’re also a little scared of being made redundant. So let me tell you about Jaimie. Jaimie is my best friend. He was the little boy who chased me… Continue reading →

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