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Ask Lily: Is my husband cheating on me?

Ok i need to know if these signs sound like cheating to you. I have a gut feeling that my husband has been cheating here are some of the signs over the past year. Accusing me of having an affair on several occaisions like if i miss his call i will get a text ok have fun with your friend.. he also goes places with his friends. he used to invite me but work would hold me up because it was never preplanned, now he just tells me he is going and doesn’t come home… Continue reading →

Looking for Kenyan husbands … ?

Looking for Kenyan husbands … ?

For few weeks now, I’ve seen a banner in my facebook sidebar. It shows a pretty lady in a yellow dress, and the text says something about ministries that help women get married. I didn’t pay much attention to it, since I’m in no hurry to walk down that aisle. But then over the weekend, I heard about this event at KICC. Apparently, a Nigerian Broda was giving a sermon on how to catch a husband in six seconds or less. He preached for four hours, and promised the women up to four proposals by… Continue reading →

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