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Crazy Females, SMS, and Bacon

Crazy Females, SMS, and Bacon

I over-think things. A lot. I expect most girls do. So any word, sign, gesture, text (or lack thereof) – especially from a guy – will be dissected, scrutinized, and pummeled for every possible nuance of meaning. “Why did he say that? What is he really thinking? Is he trying to tell me something?” I admit this level of analysis is … well … crazy … but I fear it may be DNA-related. And many times, when you walk up to the guy and simply ask him, he will  scratch his head and give a… Continue reading →

A kick in the balls!

A kick in the balls!

“You kicked him in the balls!!? Ouch!” “Yea I did! I don’t even know where I got the courage to but one moment he was grabbing me by the neck, next moment he was on the ground writhing in pain” “Daaamn girl! That was something. If we had more girls like you there’d be a lot less mugging on our streets” “Ha ha ha! Probably.” This must have been our third or fourth date I’m not sure. Kanji is a conversationalist, and not the gibberish type, I’m talking quality conversation. The kind that leaves you… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: Married but still in love with my ex

im a married lady with two boys.this is my 7th yr in marriage but the problem is im still very much in love with my ex.he was the only man i ever dated before my husband.i cant stop thinking about him and sometimes i feel like quitting my marriage and moving in with him.im even tempted to get his child if i cant live with him.its like im obsessed with him.pls advice what to do,i feel like im loosing my mind. thanks. Abunga

Ask Lily: She believes that her ex will come back to her

my friend has a problem and would like to help her out though do not know how to do it.her boyfriend left her simply coz she had done something wrong to him in the past and she is stressed coz she has never met a person like him before.he is someone who does not like entertaining ladies much when they approach him and is very caring and loving guy. the problem is that he calls her in weird hours of the night and they talk as they used to before when they were lovers and… Continue reading →

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