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Ask Lily: Anger Management Classes

Hi, I have anger issues and it makes things really hard for me and my husband. Am scared, I try ways to get away from it like telling him to talk to me later but he goes on and that ticks me off. And I end up doing things that sometimes I don’t even remember I did. Please let me know where i can go for anger management classes. Rachel

Anger Management

Anger Management

Recently I witnessed a most interesting sight. I was in the car with my mum and we were headed to town from somewhere quite suburban (read outskirts of Nairobi) where matatu drivers are even less courteous than those in the city centre, if that’s possible. We are used to matatus stopping in the middle of the road to pick or drop passengers, or just for the driver to enjoy the scenic view. So it came as no surprise that one matatu was smack in the middle of the road as we were driving. The car… Continue reading →

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