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Men…women…rights and personal space

Men…women…rights and personal space

So…as Kenyans come to terms with women carrying on and marrying multiple husbands, the rest of us face each day with consistent energy and pace. Yes, it makes for an amusing piece of news…but imagine how that conversation went. Living with one and spending a number of decades trying to get the grasp of how his world spins, you can imagine how I marvelled at how these 2 women can keep a number of men pleased and content…those secrets would make many a bestseller. What makes a lady take on multiple lovers? How about those… Continue reading →

Top 10 Gentlemanly Gestures

The high value attributed to being a gentleman has been diminished in recent times, with the need to balance good gentlemanly conduct with respecting a woman’s equality. Many men shy away from traditional “chivalric” gestures, for fear of being labeled a misogynist. The lack of suitable role models to show us how to behave has made true gentlemen increasingly rare. Today, we will attempt to redress that balance, by showing you 10 of the most important gentlemanly gestures to use when you are on a date. These are sometimes subtle, but always significant, ways of… Continue reading →

Things that as your girlfriend we do not want to know

We’ll admit it: We’re nosy bitches pardon my French. But just because we start prying into your past doesn’t mean we really want to know that much about your ex. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, so check out the 10 things we don’t want to hear you say about your ex-girlfriend. Read the full article here.

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