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Ask Lily: Cheating boyfriend and Trust Issues

Dear Lily, I have been dating a man for the past 3 years. Our relationship have been rocky since we first started dating but we always resolved our differences before it got worse. 2 years down to the relationship, he was constantly keeping a space from me by always hanging out with his friends and never seeing me. This man changed so much that I began to worry. My insecurities developed and I started stressing over every little thing with him. I would complain to him about giving me more time and he would on… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: Where can I buy an engagement ring?

Hi, I know this is a women’s site but I’m like desperate. I want to buy an engagement ring for my girl here in Kenya but I have googled to no avail cannot find any place online. Give me idea where i can go buy. Thanks. Steve

Ask Lily: Dating a married man

Hi Lily, I have tried dating guys but all I have ended up being is hurt, cheated on or dumped. I hooked up with a guy who I later found out that he was married but we have been together for four years. I know its wrong but he has been so good to me that i can not find a way to break up with him,i tried to separate myself from him by dating another guy recently, but he is still calls me every day. I recently found out that the guy i hooked… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: Did he play me?

Hi lily, am in a dilemma here. I met this guy who was into me. At first I wasn’t into him because I was involved with another guy then. I got to find out through a common friend we share that he was into me. After meeting him we connected and found out that we like each other. He was still involved with an older woman who he claims he didn’t love but loved me. Things didn’t work out with my current boyfriend then and we got to separate.this guy was still in pursuit for… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: 4 years and he’s yet to show me where he lives

Hi, I have been dating this guy for four years and he has never shown me where he lives.We see each other during the weekend and most of the time he spends at my place.Whenever i bring up the issue of me knowing where he lives,he goes silent and tells me that he cant comment anything about that.This has really frustrated me because i feel like am pushing him too much.I also fear the risk of loosing him.What should i do? Do i risk the relationship and squeeze the truth out of him or should… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: He broke up with me coz he wasnt ready for our relationship

Just wondering when your man breaks up with u and says. “i dont think am ready for this relationship”yet there has never been a problem between the two. what does it mean? kwanza it being through a call? Matilda

Ask Lily: How to put off a nagging rich man

i have been thinking on a way to hurt somebody with words in order to stop bothering me by sending me huge amounts of money in order to accept him as my husband to be.Am very young and still in compass,am an orphan and i was brought up in acrid smell of aged 20 years and this man is 40years and he look very old even physically. personally i have met him and told him face to face that i don’t love him and i cant even put up with him. This old man… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: Should I let go or wait

am 20 i fell for this guy whom av known since high school we are in the same college and friends. i kept the feeling to myself till recently i told him through a text after a long wait he replied and said he liked me too. he has not made a move yet its been like a month now,we still chat but the problem is i have to do it first he doesnt text or call before i do which makes me think he is not interested. do i stand a chance? Vera

Ask Lily: Should i tell this guy’s wife I have his child

I had a baby 2 years ago with a man who had a steady girlfriend.When i first informed him that i was pregnant he promised to support us, this never happened. After i gave birth i confronted him, he again promised to help, this he did just for one month by sending such a small amount of money.He keeps promising to support his kid but never does it.He married his steady girlfriend just before i gave birth,the wife doesn’t know that this man has a kid with another woman, i feel like telling her the… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: Virginity

does every woman bleed when the break there virginity? the first time i had sex,i never bled n i was a virgin.i told my boyfriend by the that i was a virgin but later thot i lied to him.hes my husband now but still he doesnt believe that i was a virgin when we do i explain coz i have nt experienced bleeding? Juliet

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