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Ask Lily: Best places to get affordable formal wear for a black tie event

Ask Lily: Best places to get affordable formal wear for a black tie event

Hello I recently came across your page and blog and I have found them very informative with insights on hundreds of topics. I would like to ask a question on fashion. I have a formal black tie event to attend in a couple of weeks time and I’m on a budget. I am a pear shape with big hips and I’m not too comfortable wearing figure hugging clothes.Kindly advise me on where to shop around and what is best for my figure. Thank you. Alice Photo credit: knox_x

Ask Lily:Do you know of any pocket-friendly make up artist?

Ask Lily:Do you know of any pocket-friendly make up artist?

Hi, I want to dare with make up you get? Like try lipstick that stands out and apply make up everyday. Do you know of any make up artist who is pocket friendly and can help me do this? Please I need this change as I have not been taking good care of myself and that is about to change. Ninz Photo credit: Ambrozjo

Ask Lily: What jewelry best suits me?

Ask Lily: What jewelry best suits me?

Hi Lily, I love jewelry!!! That is the bottom line. The accentuate physical beauty beautifully if adorned rights. I however have no clue as to what jewelry best suits me. I have a round face and chocolate complexion. Please advice me on the best shape and color of earrings, necklace/chains, I should have. Thanks. Cynthia Photo credit: abcdz2000 

Ask Lily: In a long distance relationship but now I feel different

Hey, I looooooooovve ”the lily review” I do, although it takes quite a while till the continuation of the last story is out…ut still, I love it. I am 24 years of age living and studying out of the country, I left home in September 2010. I had been seeing this guy since February of the same year, he insisted that he doesn’t want to let go and despite the fact that we had only been seeing each other for seven months. I decided to give it a try its now three and half years… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: I dont know what is happening anymore

I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 years. But recently there has been some distance and silence and I don’t understand what could be the cause. Some time back I chose another lady over her while we were still dating. I was young and naive I a must admit and could not see what I had. So we went apart for almost an year before I realized I had made a mistake and decided to reconcile with her. After a battle with herself she accept me back and thought all was behind us. Last year… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: What makes a good boyfriend/husband

Hey Lily, Since this is not a speech I will go straight to the question. As indicated above in the subject, my question pertains to knowing the right man. Basically uzuri wa mwanamume ni upi? Day after day we hear uzuri wa mwanamke ni urembo, tabia, ujuzi wa mapishi na utundu kitandani na kadhalika. Je uzuri wa mwanamume ni upi? I am single and will soon be searching so please help me figure out what I should be searching for. Thank you and hope to hear from you. Elizabeth

Ask Lily: I told him something I shouldn’t have

Hi Lily, In a fit of irritation I told my boyfriend that maybe I should just be single and that love had not done anything for me, he got pissed off and gave me time to re-think things, I realize I was wrong and I don’t know how to approach him, he is now silent so am I. I still love him and I would not like to loose him. What do I do? Flora

Ask Lily: My cheating ex-boyfriend wants to work things out

Me and my ex-boyfriend has been dating for five years. He has cheated on me more than once. I was pregnant i found out he was cheating on me with a little girl that’s three years younger than him and one of his family member friends that already had a baby. So i left him but shortly after the baby was born he said he wanted to be a family and he wanted me to move back home with him so i did, we started being a couple again and every thing went fine for… Continue reading →

Ask Lily: Anger Management Classes

Hi, I have anger issues and it makes things really hard for me and my husband. Am scared, I try ways to get away from it like telling him to talk to me later but he goes on and that ticks me off. And I end up doing things that sometimes I don’t even remember I did. Please let me know where i can go for anger management classes. Rachel

Ask Lily: Is my husband cheating on me?

Ok i need to know if these signs sound like cheating to you. I have a gut feeling that my husband has been cheating here are some of the signs over the past year. Accusing me of having an affair on several occaisions like if i miss his call i will get a text ok have fun with your friend.. he also goes places with his friends. he used to invite me but work would hold me up because it was never preplanned, now he just tells me he is going and doesn’t come home… Continue reading →