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Indoor Blues: Vanilla Popcorn

wow!!!! can’t believe how blue am feeling, i can bet it has something to do with the rain and oh yes!!! and being stuck her in the office all day. But the fact that easter is here and we won’t be working till i don’t know when that good enough for me. I wish it was longer then i would take a tour around. Anyways i have the simplest and most impressive thing, like to think of it as my comfort food. And all you need to do is pass by Ukwala why you ask… Continue reading →

Chicken in mango curry

Chicken in mango curry

Tell most Kenyan women to cook you something amazing and DAMN what a mess. All women who can cook say i!!!!! oops!!!!!! no one apart from me and a certain Miss sited at the corner hmm!!!!! that makes it 2 out of ten what a shame, well thats the typical scenario. Ladies lets glam this up a notch higher. You know on my way to work i look at all the mangoes in the market: some of us are lucky to have a market nearby(LAUGHING), and my mind does what it does best. Think Jan… Continue reading →

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