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10 Financial Myths in Relationships

10 Financial Myths in Relationships

Myths exist in a given culture because they are necessary to veil the underlying truths that they pertain to. In order to deal with these myths in an effective way they must be confronted directly with a balanced mind and wise insight, disregarding the fear and rationalization that brought them into being in the first place.  Here are some myths that are still strongly embedded among many relationships and married couples, therefore as you read them try to scrutinize and determine if they have impacted some of your own attitudes. 1. Money is an important… Continue reading →

Five things that make powerful women what they are

Five things that make powerful women what they are

Thinking of the most powerful women known we may think of political figures like Gloria Steinem, Hilary Clinton or Esther Passaris. Or maybe Oprah, Cher or Madonna or other entertainers may come to mind. It’s easy to comprehend “power” in celebrity, or status, in those we see on the news, or the ones that write best-sellers or live in the public eye. But authentic power is something much more restrained and inspirational. Webster’s Dictionary defines powerful as “having power, authority, influence.” According to this definition, being powerful is not in any way related to being… Continue reading →

7 Major Relationship Issues & How to Resolve Them [Part 2]

Problem #4: Conflict Occasional conflict is an inevitable part of life, but if you and your partner feel like you are starring in your own nightmare version of the movie Groundhog Day, it’s time to break free of this toxic routine. Recognizing these simple truths will lessen anger and enable you to take a calm look at the underlying issue. Resolution strategies Conflict resolution skills can help you and your partner learn to argue in a more constructive manner, consider this advice:

7 Major Relationship Issues & How to Resolve Them [Part 1]

It’s the rare couple that doesn’t, sooner or later, run into a few bumps in the road. If you recognize ahead of time what those relationship issues can be, you’ll have a much better chance of weathering the storm. Ideally, there are certain basic issues a couple should discuss — such as money, sex, and kids — before they decide to start their life together. Of course, even when you do discuss these issues beforehand, marriage (or a long-term, live-in relationship) is nothing like you think it’s going to be. Despite the fact that every… Continue reading →

Intimacy – It’s more than just sex

Intimacy is a combination of four aspects of a person; the physical, emotional, intellectual, and the spiritual. Most relationships will fall into one or two of these intimate aspects. Read more about these aspects here. Practicing intimacy An essential ingredient of intimacy is allowing your spouse to be himself without striving to conform him to your ideals. In intimacy, we try to grow closer together, not to eliminate the “otherness,” but to enjoy it. Men and women are different and we must not, even with good intentions, seek to destroy those differences.

7 Amazing Steps to Finding Your Soulmate

What is true matching about? It is about people that seem to be made for one another. But this may become a deceiving matter because matching begins with honesty. First you have to do is being honest with yourself, knowing who you are and what you are about. This issue tightly depends on your self esteem, so work it out at this instant, always keep in mind a good image of yourself, this is the essence of being ready for your love! Read the full article here.

How can women break the insidious cycle of relationship failure

Nothing is more traumatic than seeing a relationship falling apart. It breeds suspicion, distrust and distance. A couple who could not live without each other at one point of time start finding reasons to stay away. The relationship failure is painful for both the partners. Both try to hurt each other; and the more they hurt each other the more they destroy what was once a very loving relationship. Signs of relationship failure It needs no special skills to understand when a relationship starts turning sour. Some of the indicators are:

Men and women dating or married, who is to pay for dates?

Some decades ago, this query would have a very easy and straightforward answer. It is the man who ought to pay since he is the acclaimed bread winner. But times have changed a lot. Women now have jobs and sometimes they have better jobs than their husbands. Relatively many women out there are wealthier than their husband or boyfriends. In such circumstances, is it fair for the man to carry on paying for everything exclusively since he is a man? The question of who should pay for services when a man and a woman are… Continue reading →

Recipe for a Healthy Relationship

Recipe for a Healthy Relationship

To begin with, it is important to scrutinize yourself, what do you consider a real relationship to be? You have to get the picture what your needs and desires are from the other person, and what you are prepared to give them. This way, you capable of knowing early in your first dates, if you wish to continue and work towards a future together, and if the other individual feels the same of course both sides count for a healthy relationship. Once you have decided to have an official relationship, you both need to remember… Continue reading →