Past-times at a city hotel

Today I found myself smiling at a young lady over at the reception of a hotel. Trying ever so hard to hook up with new guests checking in. And from her efforts, you could tell she was specifically intent on the ‘white, mzungu chaps’. She quietly admitted to her fellow receptionist that she knew they had to have the ‘mullaz’ – (money) to help her take care of her lifestyle. After all, she wanted the finer things in life!

I don’t know how she thought she would succeed. Looking at their appearances. Pooh-ing this one but smiling beguilingly at that one. And would you know it, as some checked out, the hefty tip left with a nod or wink showed that her efforts were not in vain. Her fellow receptionist insisted that these guys didn’t have the real dollars. After all, they came in on foot or rode on bicycles for long safaris cross-country…looked somewhat disheveled. Hadn’t slept for days on end and were watching every penny spent at the hotel. The mega guys to hunt were the ones who came in wearing a certain cologne, shades. Such superficiality never ceases to amaze me. Wouldn’t the men also be here on a hunting spree and had to ‘play or dress the part?’

Poor fellas…

Fast forward to a few months later…I visited the same hotel for brunch with a friend. I curiously enquired if the receptionist was still on the payroll. The new lady cheerfully confided that she had been found sneaking up to guest rooms during the night shift to make an extra buck. The caretaker had been in on it but turned tail when the fire became too hot. Turns out she had simply been on in a whole bevy of beauties that were paraded through the rooms…the men hadn’t minded parting with a few green ones if they could secure a ‘night of comfort’ every so often in that hotel. That she was eager and readily available was a plus for them.

Guess she had not wanted to bother with such things as integrity, character or reputation…she was what?…23 years? Life was a playing field with so many options. Young, old, middle-aged, fat, uncouth…who cared? As long as her bills were paid and agreements were understood between the parties from the onset, let the games begin!

However, when management discovered the shenanigans being carried out during the wee hours of the morning at their establishment, she was shown the door. Her ‘friend’ winked as she shared that she had permanently taken up with an elderly man on his travels from Europe, who needed a companion but was willing to fund necessities.

“With such an offer, her receptionist friend quipped, ‘who could refuse?”

‘Offer?”… (sigh) Only God knows the end of that story.

So, these downtown hotels and day rates coming up…we shall visit that another time.

Photo credit: aseltz

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