What is the formula of success?

usa-dollar-billsYou lie awake doing the math and everything adds up to wealth and fortune. After all, numbers don’t lie. Counting the numbers imagining what you could do with all that money.

Love sure breaks hearts but businesses break even more hearts! Raised expectations followed by massive disappointments in many cases. Massive debts, unreliable people, disappointing numbers, tested passions and broken dreams.

It helps to be positive but it saves a whole lot more to be realistic. In the calculations, do you account for the fact that not everything goes according to plan?

There is a blueprint that most of us follow: Pass your KCPE exams and get a good high school. Then pass your KCSE exams and go to a reputable University. Get your First Class Honours degree then get an awesome job after. This blue print does not factor in reality checks. That even after being through the education system meant to be a path to success you might not be as successful as imagined.

What is the formula then?

Money and success is God given…plan all you can but if it isn’t in your script you won’t have it. Poverty is real. Problems are real. But so is wealth and success.

Part luck, part wit, part hard work. You got this!

Photo credit: yokayo

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