Everyone has their kryptonite

superman kryptoniteEveryone has their kryptonite. That one person that never fades into oblivion. They remain a constant in your ever-changing life. So many come and go in your life, most of whom have no effect on your life. This one person can ask for you back and you will drop everything for them. Irrational love, irrational attraction – a force to reckon with.

Doesn’t know how to love you, how to treat you, but for some mad reason, all of you remains stuck in memories and images of you and them. You replay the good and forget the bad (and there was more bad than good).

The what-ifs hold you back. Replaying what you didn’t do right. But it is never that you never loved them enough.
You might even end up with someone who loves you ten times better and treats you how you should, but your kryptonite is the last thing on your mind before sleep carries you away every night.

Years later, they walk into a room and your heart still races and stops at the same time. You choose to love with your mind and ignore your heart. That person is nothing but trouble. Instead you learn to love the one who loves you right. Slowly, but surely.

The love might never be the same as it was with the other, but neither will the pain. You surrender to the fact that that person will always remain a part of you, but you will never act on the emotions. A dormant volcano!

You will never get over it, but you will reach a point where it doesn’t bother you so much.

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