Apology wrapped in a box!

I got a weird message from someone, let’s call him ‘friend’, accusing me of all manner of things. Telling me to stop my stupidity and that if I want him to go back to his bad boy in the hood days he can do it, and all manner of stuff. I was perplexed, shocked even. My first thought was I should get angry; but I thought, poor boy must be deranged or something, perhaps he has undergone something traumatic and just needs to vent; but why vent out on me, what did I do?

My first thought was, perhaps it’s because I did not answer his call, because I was in the shower and I did not hear it ring, dah! This seemed a silly reason for someone to go off on me so I dismissed it. Could someone get angry at you and call you names because you missed their call, nah, I don’t think so! That was the silly part, long story short, it was actually because of the missed call!

raspberry-cakeNow dude shows up at my door three days later after a total black out from me, with a whole cake written ‘I’m sorry’! psssshhhh, a little dramatic don’t you think! Ok, fine I am a cake person, cake gets me anytime, I will not pretend. As it stands, I have already eaten a huge slice off it and I am tempted to devour the whole of it, alone; except it will be a slow guilt-laden journey filled with calorie miles for the next ten-thousand years! Sigh….!

Why did I eat the cake you may ask. Well I always welcome creativity, just saying sorry by mouth does not cut it so blow some bells, look for a matching band, the mexican type would be best, do something! Ok, or bring a cake. If it’s on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest) bring a cake!

This whole episode got me thinking, why do people screw up so easily in the first place, then atone for it as dramatically as they screwed up in the first place. My brother suggested I get as dramatic and return the cake, well, aside from the fact that I already started eating it, this sounds like a good idea. Relationships are rollercoaster rides, the chances and potentials for screw-ups are lined up every step of the way. It is like driving, right? You always keep in mind that the only sane person on the road is yourself; so you have to keep your cool and realize not just anything and everything can set you off. A MISSED PHONE CALL! really?

I once was told that the way a guy treats you in a relationship is the way he will treat you when you are married. Nothing, or very little will change. So what makes someone think that showing up with ‘forgive me for getting mad over a missed call’, will make everything hunky-dory right? Do people think wrapping gifts in pretty bows actually atones for their bad upbringing and careless tongues/ fingers(it’s a Whatsapp-ing age!)? Should one just be easily let back in simply because they ‘wrapped their sorry in a box?’

We have miles to walk, rivers to cross and oceans to sail through before we get to okay land! However, people need to start being tolerant of one another from the start. The stuff that seems mundane today will only blow-up and fester if not nipped in the bud early. So its straight talk from here on out. Adults do not need to be calling each other names over stupid, silly things. The world is ending, how about we argue over that, or the war in Gaza, or that Barack Obama is a Luo and not American! Serious arguments only! Then the dramatic apology wrapped in a box will try to make sense!

A dedication to all those who take things too seriously…
Hunkey Dorey

As sung by Christy’s Minstrels.
Air – “Limerick Races”
One of the boys am I,
That always am in clover;
With spirits light and high,
‘Tis well I’m known all over.
I am always to be found,
A singing in my glory;
With your smiling faces round,
‘Tis then I’m hunkey dorey.

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''Take it with a pinch of salt and a huge smile...it's never that serious! If it gets too serious I blog about it!''

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