Why I wear the Hijab

hijabHijab means a veil or a cloth that describes modesty in Islam. I have worn the hijab for most part of my life, on and off. But since last year Ramadhan, I decided to wear hijab permanently. Most people don’t understand why we wear hijab. Most muslims don’t either. Here are some reasons why we wear hijab.

To Identify ourselves as Muslims. When I put on the hijab, people identify me as a Muslim and what we stand for. The hijab identifies me as a woman who knows her worth..

We are not judged when we wear the hijab,  by what I have or what I don’t have. In this ‘modern’ society, women have been objectified, the more flesh you show you are seen as modern, independent but one thing we forget, is that men take advantage and be little us. The hijab lets people judge me by my brains and ideas and not by my looks.

A sign of worship.. When i put on the hijab, I am worshiping Allah. He commanded us to wear the hijab and we will be worshiping Him every time we wear the hijab.

The hijab is not a sign of oppression. I wear it to serve my duty as Muslim woman. Those who say hijab is a sign of oppression are wrong. I wear as a sign of worship which means every time I wear hijab, I get blessings. I am a colorful person and my hijab colours vary with my moods.


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