Curve balls in relationships

two womenI thought I’d heard it all! This lady at the party was loudly bragging about her lover (another woman), because she realized that men weren’t ‘all that’! She claimed to have made the drastic change because women ‘get’ one another, with no explanations. “Women are expressive, not hard, like men. If am emotional, she doesn’t keep harassing me to style up and swallow it. She gets my bad days. She reaches out when am moody”. Clearly, the drink had got the better of her. Not that the ‘highly praised’ companion was any better!!!

The room stood still. The men awkwardly moved away. The ladies suddenly were watching each other…hawk-eyed. You could just filter the thoughts in the room. Do we ignore them and carry on? Will it seem rude and anti-social to let those comments pass, and pretend we didn’t have a gay couple present?

Glancing round the room, I noticed a small cluster of people speaking in hushed tones. An impish grin flashed at me from among them. As she wildly gestured for me to quickly make my way towards them. Curiosity got the better of me. I joined them.
Sheila quickly started in on her angry tirade. “Can you believe her nerve? She’s spoilt the whole mood of the evening. Now, we’ll have to keep sidestepping the issue or move on along to another joint!

Amos asked, irritated, “Who invited her in the first place? I thought this was our Get-together for old time’s sake?”

“Well guys, this is what we call an open society..that’s what you get for not being clear on who exactly ‘fits your bill’, the amiable Sophie chirped.

“Oh really? Wasn’t Grace ‘straight’. when we were in campus? How were we to know when we included her in the invite, that we’d end up with this scenario? And since you’ve brought it up, how do you suggest we now clean shop-mmmhhhh….?” Alex reasoned.

Noting the ebbing mood in the room, Sheila grabbed Amos and quickly whispered something in his ear. Grinning, they looked at us, and the familiar sinking feeling in my stomach told me they would be up to no good.

“Okay folks, gather round”…his characteristic boom of a voice rang across the room. Suddenly, life emerged. Slowly, bodies gathered towards the centre of the room.

Focusing his gaze on Grace, he casually asked, “Gracie?”


“Would you care to share more on why you feel we-men are to blame for your current predicament?”

“Whaaaat?” her words came out slightly slurred.

“You heard me. Why does your friend think you’re a worthy companion, compared to some of the able and best men in this room?”

“You’re one to ask?! I tried dating some of you, and you were non-starters! Should I continue?”, she challenged the men in the room, the glazed look quickly disappearing from her eyes. She waited for his next question. It never came…

There was pin drop silence.

This, would turn out to be a very interesting and revelatory evening.

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