Dust off the Shelves

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My father is a wise man. He doesn’t realise it but many times he says the wisest things. We were having a deep conversation about life and achieving our dreams and he told me something about myself that I needed to hear. He told me that I am multi-talented and there are so many things I am good at but I like to limit myself. I have endless possibilities to do something that will change my life. I get excited when I start doing something, but my problem is that I get easily bored and I am impatient.

What he said was true about me. I can easily get demotivated. I think too much and make endless calculations in my head about how I want my life to be but I don’t change my present to shape my future.I have started so many projects but I have never finished them or even gotten halfway. I lose hope too easily and to fast. It’s no wonder I have been feeling forlorn lately. My dad told me to dust off the shelves and take charge.

We like to make excuses for the lives that we live. Whenever life isn’t going the way we had planned we get comfortable and start making excuses. I have been making excuses that I don’t have the time and the equipment and tools that I need to start making my dreams come true. I have become comfortable in not doing anything such that I have become afraid of trying and failing. Things don’t come easily and before you accomplish something great, you have to go through obstacles that build you and make you stronger. Most of us do not want to go through these obstacles. Most of us are waiting for our dreams to come to us on a silver platter. Most of us think that when that future arrives, then we can start working on those dreams. Those are lies we tell ourselves and while we sit and wait a part of us keeps chipping and chipping away. Before we realise it, we are ghosts of the people we did not want to become. We are too far gone and it gets hard to catch up on life. We stop dreaming…we stop living. We are in a dusty shelve of what we once were.

Are we going to let our lives be that empty? Are we going to let go of our future that easily? No! We can’t do that. God never created us to have no purpose in life. We are not meant to be unhappy and we are not meant to fear failure. Failure is the staircase to success. Success is not for the weak of mind and heart. We should not sit and wait, even birds and animals don’t wait for food and shelter to find them; they search for it. We simply can’t let our passions die. That burning desire to do something should always be there. We have to hold on to that burning desire. At that point you want to give up on something, that is where your success lies. That is where your breakthrough is. Don’t give up. Don’t tire. Don’t lose hope. Most of all, don’t sit around waiting for things to come to you. You have to wake up and take that first step at trying to accomplish those dreams. You might not see the future now but one you take that one step you realise a change in you has occurred. If you continue pursuing your dreams and making that passion the driving force, then you will start noticing doors opening for you, opportunities coming your way and there will be no limitations. You will be unstoppable.

Photo courtesy of www.pdphoto.org

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