Mr Right may not be the right kind of guy

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Have you ever met Mr. Right? You know, that guy who has everything you’ve ever wanted. He’s a gentleman, he’s sweet, he’s caring, he’s there for you and he’s funny. He’s basically what you have always wanted. You are so excited at finding such a wonderful man. He’s the missing part in your life. He even comes up with the name of your future kids. Months fly by and you meet his friends and some of his family. Everything is good; it’s your perfect fairy tale.

Then you start thinking this is too good to be true. Something at the back of your mind keeps nagging you about the relationship but you ignore it. You’ve found the guy you want to spend your life with, why would anything go wrong. Then you start noticing small things like how he doesn’t like you spending time with your friends. He wants to accompany you everywhere you go. He becomes clingy, pushy, obsessive and possessive. He suddenly becomes a little too hard to handle. And then you break up with him…guess what happens? He becomes even more forceful and says that he loves you too much to be apart. He says you are soul mates, you’re meant to be. He wants to know what he did wrong so he can become exactly what you want. He sends you texts and calls all the time. When you ignore him he becomes angry but tells you he loves you even when you ignore him. Now you’re wondering what the heck happened.

When something is too good to be true think twice. We never pay attention to that phrase but it’s true. We all have an idea of the kind of person we want to be with. Most of the time we’ve searched for this person for so long we forget how to reason and use our brains. You meet this guy and he’s in sync with you and you want the same things. The search is over. We fail to analyse the little details we learn about the guy like how bad his past relationships ended. Mr. Right becomes your nightmare. You realise this person is not at all what you wanted. Your list goes down the drain. I think it’s time we stop making decisions bases on heightened emotions. Love is not blind and when we are most emotional our reasoning goes down and we make rash decisions we regret later. Our emotional judgment can’t be trusted anymore.

We may find what we are looking for but that doesn’t mean it’s the right person for you. He may have all the qualities you want but he might not fulfill you. He may have it all figured out but it doesn’t mean he complements your life. Before getting into a relationship get to know that person well especially his nonverbal communication which shouts a lot more than his words. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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