When it rains, it pours

damaged-flash-driveThese past few weeks have been trying. I have learnt the very hard way the value of a good backup system. I lost all my data –essential chapters of my book included – owing to my stone age devices. I have been kicked out of the house I was living in, owing to my all too trusting nature. Next time, I will be less of a lazy bum and pay the rent myself.

As I write this, I am nursing taste buds that have been aroused, albeit unknowingly, but aroused nonetheless by my best friend’s roommate who has no idea that my budget disallows the luxury that is a decent lunch. I cannot stretch it beyond weekly treats, I simply cannot. On the upside, the “baby fat” around my midsection is saying bye bye, a minute loss but one worth documenting seeing as I am running short on good news. Who wants a sad read? Not me.

My most valuable lesson though, has been trust. Owing to my all too naïve nature, I have managed to lose a house and my dignity. The former I believe has been vaguely documented in the previous paragraphs and in my defense, giving my housemate the rent to pay, and trusting they would do so was out of respect for her age and standing among my peers (she is nine years older than us). The later however, I could blame slot of factors, desperation, disillusion, an inactive brain hence the slow thinking, the con man’s skills in deception, even the weather. But it all goes down to being too trusting.

Yes, a middle aged man in decent clad, a limp to his walk, can steal a phone from a girl in her early twenties just trying not to stay homeless and salvage her data and dream with it. I could break his other leg next time I meet him, but he is not worth all the energy nor an extra sin in my very long list. I could suggest a few that need deceptive people like you but I will leave you to your own devices. Surely wherever the brilliant idea to cheat your way into ‘pen mbili na ndururu’ is over pouring with more brilliant ideas. Moving on swiftly.

I have been living with #1 the past few weeks. Trying to get my computer fixed on my budget and getting a job that will help me get my own space if only just to do one of my famous drunk splits. Oh yes, I left out that I was fired. And paid in halves that are not even complete. I mean good Lord! Does it hurt anybody to pay the three hundred a day minimum wage in full? To make matters worse, I have to call the person three times a day. It seems like the past few weeks I have been calling upon some god three times a day. So I stopped.

People need to learn the art of nobility. Pay what you owe. In terms of teaching these brothers and sister of ours this art, I will make do with my literary skills, litigators with their skills, karma with her vileness and so on. If not, we leave it to a higher power. There are more pressing matters like re-writing a book. Thank God for my stone-age methods, I have a few chapters in hard copy. Plus, I have a feeling the loss, as cliché as it may seem, happened for a reason.

So I will get lost in my writing, and live.

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