Lunch with my “boo”

chicken-wings-and-mac-n-cheese“So tell me about your terrible morning,” He knows how to cut to the chase this man. However I am too engrossed in my greasy piece of chicken to think of the day as anything but blissful and the morning anything far from a distant memory, long gone and forgotten.

“Almost did not get to work but I am here. Tell me about your skinny girlfriend.” She is actually the ex-girlfriend but I have this strong inclination to annoy the hell out of him regardless. This city is starting to eat at the few sensitive muscles I had left after high school.

“Don’t ruin my lunch wewe! And respect people’s sizes. Not everyone is as fat as you, you know?”

“Aaah touché!”

“You started it. And no more talk about her okay. That is the least I need from my best friend. Be nice to me would you?”

“You know you don’t have to ask that. I’ll be mean anyways. School? What’s new in that former neighbourhood of mine?”

“Well, since you graduated early, the course got extremely easy. You should have stayed on a while love.”

“You know it has never been about it being complicated.”

“I know. You’re happy though?”

“You have to ask?” I say, grabbing my fourth chicken wing.

“I am happy you are happy. I might marry you the way things are going.” He looks so handsome every time he says that; dangerously handsome.

“You’re sure mama would want you to marry a school dropout?”

“If she followed her dreams and made it. If she is a hard worker like you, yes.”

Heat flushes my cheeks.  “You flatter me.” I say looking now at my empty bag of French fries. I am contemplating starting my morning runs.

“I know right? Lazy bum. Don’t get fired from this one. You need it to get by. How’s the book going?”

“Writers block.”

“Isn’t that for real writers?”

I realize I am still hungry and between lashing out at him for that crude and insensitive statement and grabbing an extra bite to eat, the latter proves less tedious so I go to the counter and order another bag of fries and three pieces of chicken.

“You’re paying.”

“Punishing a guy much?”

“Be careful what you say around me. You will pay in kind.”

I regret that statement soon as it leaves my mouth.

He draws closer. “In kind you say?”

His breath almost fused with mine. So hot. His face barely two inches apart from mine. A rush runs through me.

“Would you look at the time! Don’t want to get fired from this job. Got to pay rent.”

I bolt, wrapping my food in a plastic bag. You never know when that scary, irritating feeling called hunger creeps in. In my case, it is probably every hour owing to my very healthy metabolism. I am still amazed at how much weight I have managed to keep off. Though I have noticed with a lot of concern which I so wisely put off for later-wouldn’t want to get ulcers over small things- that I have started growing an extra thick and bulgy layer of skin around my waist.

I do the cross sign and get into the office.

Time flies and after a few emails and phone calls it is 4.45p.m, my cue to pack up and bolt.

Three more hours and I go home to my house with no power and barely any furniture but hell isn’t it bliss. I look at my purse, and it’s empty.

My phone beeps and the message reads, “Thought you would want to get home today.”

I scroll down and see the conspicuous MPESA message. What would I do without my best friend? For starters, walking home is not something I like thinking about. I quietly answer as I lock up.

My phone beeps again. “And tomorrow, and the day after.”

“I owe you.” I respond, a huge grin that I am so relieved he is not around to see brushed across my mouth for almost two seconds. Off to queue for the bus to my home. I love my life.

Photo credit: bwisotsky

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