The concept of love

wedding-kissMy dad has been trying to make me understand the concept of love and marriage. He keeps telling me that God chooses that perfect person for you. You fall in love deeply. A situation comes up and you break up/divorce that person. You go on dating other people and getting married but after years of marriage you divorce the person you are married to and you end up getting back together with that woman/man that you loved deeply.

My dad gave me a few examples and I want to share some of them. The first example is about a man who left his fiancé at the altar and married another woman. He stayed married for 20 years but he still couldn’t find the fulfillment he had been looking for. One day he ran into the woman he left at the altar, they hit it off and until now he says that he feels at peace and fulfilled when he’s with this woman than with his wife.

The second example is a woman my father was talking to. She told him that her husband had been constantly cheating on her. He married a second wife and had 3 kids with her; he then married a third wife and had four kids with her. Now the husband is trying to win his first wife back. Whatever he was searching for he found it in her.

As I listened to my dad talking I could agree with a lot of what he said. God is just amazing. He uniquely creates a man and a woman and ties them together. God has created a perfect love for you. When I say perfect I don’t mean romance in books and telenovelas…I mean perfect in God’s eyes. The way God created love is not complicated; we humans complicate it because we’re always trying to find ways to make it work for us.

My dad said that when God binds a relationship it is beyond human understanding. He went on to say that every relationship made by God is controversial to humans hence us trying to find a way around it. God makes you sync with that particular person, not another human. God is responsible for bringing you two people together. God is responsible for the love you feel for each other. He then binds you with that love and when God is present in your relationship you know He fights for you.

Firm relationships have a resistance. Family and friends cannot break that connection because it is bound by God. Half the time, your family and friends won’t like the person you choose to marry but you find yourself fighting for him/her because you know that you don’t want to/can’t be with someone else. We just need to stop running around looking for temporary pleasures and pacifiers and choose to stay put where God has placed us. Love is not a formula or mathematics. It’s simple and complete.

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