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makeupLately I have started applying makeup and dressing better. Most of my friends and people I know keep asking which guy is in my life that has made me change so much. My dad even asked me whether I was getting peer pressure from my friends with the whole makeover. It’s really disappointing when people attribute my change to a guy in the picture. Well, there is no guy and there is no peer pressure. I made the decision for a makeover all by myself.

For years I had always dressed as a tomboy. Then I switched to modest and drab that wouldn’t pull attention to me. I had always been against make up and anything fashionable because I always thought it was going to change the way people viewed me. I never applied make up and I dressed conservatively because I wanted people to meet the real me and like me who I was upfront.

Beginning of this year I needed a major change. The drab clothes weren’t working for me. I wanted to start taking better care of myself. I am already beautiful but it doesn’t hurt accentuating your best features. I started buy new things that look good on me and fit. I wanted to look mature and someone who already knows what I want from life. I’m not doing this for anyone, just me. Funny thing, I discovered applying some mascara and loose powder and, dressing nicely and appropriately doesn’t change who I am. I am still the same me, only now I’m an upgrade in terms of style. I didn’t lose who I am.

This experience has made me embrace change whereas before I was too afraid of change. I’m trying out new things, seeing if they work for me. Change is good. It makes us realise that we are stronger, confident and more capable than we thought. Change is a choice and most often than not, you never regret it. You change because you notice you lack something in your life and you fix it.

Changing for someone doesn’t always work because, you are taking a part of who you are and compressing it into a tiny box. If someone does not like you for who you are then it’s their loss. I have come to really believe that we have one life to live, we might as well be happy and enjoy it otherwise what’s the point of God creating us.

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