10 fashion trends rocking Nairobi



 1. Ankara/Kitenge
This is the African fabric that is very popular in West Africa and for the longest time has been associated with older women. The kitenge has evolved to become a fashion titan to be reckoned with. You can spot young women in the streets of Nairobi rocking it in different creative design from skirts, jumpsuits and dresses to blazers and accessories like earrings and bangles. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with these African prints. If in doubt of how awesome this trend is, look to high profile fashionistas like Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian who’ve been spotted wearing it.

2. The Peplum
Isn’t this the most beautiful trend ever? The trend hit in early 2012 and has been becoming bigger and better since and the fashionistas in Nairobi have embraced it with open arms. Whether for official or a casual look, you can get a peplum top or dress for any occasion in whichever fabric and design you fancy. This trend isn’t slowing down as evidenced by the fashion runways around the world so don’t be afraid to add to your peplum collection, it is still in vogue.

3. The Red Lipstick
Oh yes, the world has gone scarlet! I first noticed this trend on the popular vampire series True Blood and fell in love. Maybe its cos vamps have very pale skin (cos they are ‘dead’) that made the lipstick pop to my attention or its cos I had seen it in many a lip on Hollywood babes. Not one to shy from bold trends, Nairobi babes were soon ablaze with it. All you need to do is visit one of the many beauty shops in town and get a shade that looks good with your skin tone and you are good to go. With the many shades of red from different cosmetic lines like mauve, plum, matte red, haute red, Ruby Woo, Hollywood red etc. everyone will be spoiled for choice!! Oh, just wear one that suits the occasion and mood.

4. Printed Pants
This one has hit the streets of Nairobi with a bang and a big one at that, if you don’t believe me, look around and get in line. Ladies are rocking them in different designs from flowered prints to geometric prints take your pick. This trend is versatile too as it comes in leggings, jeans, stretch cotton, skinny pants, wide leg etc. that can be worn with practically any top.

5. Colour Blocking.
This is one trend that has refused to go away much to my delight! It’s basically wearing two or more bold colours initially thought as clashing worn together either on a dress or a skirt and top. Despite my reservations when it hit I came to see it as a kind of saviour I mean who knew blue could go with red or green with yellow?  This has turned out as a fun way to play with colour. Like the red lippy, this is another trend that requires one to step out of their comfort zone and make a fashion statement.

6. High Low
If you do not have one high low item either in a skirt, top or dress in your wardrobe then there is still no for you. With the front side of the outfit being shorter and the backside longer, this is a fun way of being edgy in a subtle and sophisticated way. Pair a high low chiffon dress or skirt with flat sandals for that chilled out weekend look or wear with fancy heel for a sassier look. The high low top can be worn with skinny pants or printed pants

7.  The Denim Shirt and Jacket
For the longest time denim has been the mother of all casual wear and I was glad when denim shirts hit the fashion world. Wear a denim shirt or jacket with practically anything dresses, denim pants, skirts name it, this is one look that chicks in town are experimenting with and it’s a delight to witness.  Did I mention they are very comfortable to wear?

8.  Hair Bun

cute-bun-for-straight-hair, Ashanti


This is basically achieved by piling your hair at the top of your head to form a round big bun. With our measly African hair, it’s close to impossible to achieve this so to add volume, try a big hair band or a scarf. There are also ready-made buns which you can buy. Try this hair style on braided hair to create a perfect round bun.

9.  Chiffon
This fabric was common back in the 90s when I was growing up and as with almost everything fashion evolution, it is back and it’s bigger and better. Chiffon tops and dresses are trending in the streets of Nairobi and can be found in many a shopping outlet in the city. Try high low tops and dresses or dresses with chiffon tops and a cotton skirt don’t be afraid to mix it up; there is a wide variety of designs to choose from.

10. Brogues
To say that I hated these shoes when I first saw Spencer from Pretty Little Liars practically sleeping in them is an understatement, I loathed them. I consider myself tom boy-ish but I drew the line when it came to brogues I just found them too ugly and manly. Years down the line, I am Spencer I don’t wanna take them off and I am kinda miffed I fell for them. I feel better though cos half of Nairobi is with me in this fetish. This is one fashion trend I would love to hate for sure.

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