Mwanamke ni nywele

So what determines the kind of hair do we put on, what motivates us to don the kind of hairstyle we have, is it a personal preference, is it something our hair stylist recommended or is it just moving with the current; what is big on the streets motivation. ‘Mwanamke ni nywele’ is a saying I have heard so many times, so what kind of woman do we want the world to judge us to be depending on our hair do.

I have observed what most women are doing to their hairs and sometimes I feel like there is such a big batch of lost  or just confused characters. There is a craze in the streets of chopping up our hair and colouring it red or bronze, a look which is not one of my favourites but if you can own it, go ahead and chop up your hair and just hope it grows back when the craze is out. What comes to mind when I see this particular hair do is a rebel, but others are just like leaves which were picked by the wind, and they will just move with it to wherever it leads them. I think there is an obsession of getting back our natural look but I think I’d rather stick to my relaxer at least I know I can maintain it.

The hair defines a woman and the same way short, fluffy/spiky/ rugged hair creates an impression of rebel or someone going through a crisis in life so do other hair dos. I categorized different women in the media industry and what they do to their hair and the personality I’d like to think they have.

I love Julie Gichuru’s hair and she has had it for so long I don’t think any one of us can remember her with any other style. This according to me depicts a confident woman, content with what she has. I like to think of her as someone who knows exactly what it is she wants in life. When I look at the lovely Lilian Muli I also think of a strong confident woman with a vision for the future, Kenyans on twitter might have hated on her wig (or is it a weave) a while back but she has owned her look, now that’s a woman who knows what she wants in life.

muthoni the drama queenI love Muthoni the drummer queen, I like her crazy hair and outfits but she owns them, I don’t think there are too many people who can pull off her look. She is a trend setter and she does it without trying so hard it just comes naturally.

I have to mention our beautiful first lady, so beautiful yet very simple, short well maintained hair and she doesn’t mind the graying, which makes it even more beautiful.

I could write pages and pages about different ,personalities and their hair and what might motivate women to do what they do to their hair, but I can summarise it with just a few sentences. Hair defines a woman and even lack of it does the same, so whatever you decide to do with yours make sure, it doesn’t create a wrong first impression about you. We also need true friends who will tell us our hair is point or we have taken a complete wrong turn, and should mid life crisis hit, and the craziness erupts let it not go to the hair. Love yourself, know yourself, know your hair, love your hair.

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