5 Ways to look naturally look younger

1. Exercise
According to Dr. Oz Mehmet, the one thing that a person can do to reduce aging is exercise. Exercise helps maintain healthy weight, improves muscle mass, improves blood circulation and produces endorphins that help with stress management. One should aim for an hour of moderate exercise per day .A fast walk round the neighbourhood would suffice.

2. Skin care
The first step for younger fresher skin is a great daily routine that includes; sunscreen, cleansing, moisturising and hydrating. It starts in the morning by cleansing applying a vitamin C antioxidant cream and then applying sunscreen on a daily basis. At night use a retinoid cream; this is vitamin A derivative that helps reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Retinoid cream tends to dry out skin so its important moisturise your skin afterwards. Stay away from skin products with alcohol, parabens and unnecessary perfumes .This is because these things irritate the skin and age it. Great products that I personally recommend are Roc, Neutrogena and Olay. This is because they are affordable, accessible and effective.

3. Supplements
tabletsSupplementing your diet is a good way to make sure that you are not only getting ample nutrition but also building you immune system. A multivitamin a day ensures that you are getting ample vitamins that you need to keep you skin glowing. GTF Chromium supplements help control blood sugars, reduce wrinkles and reduce fine lines. Hesperidin supplement reduces varicose veins by strengthening veins to prevent the bulging that causes varicose veins. Other supplements that have an anti-aging effect are Vitamin D3, Calcium, blackcurrant extract, Magnesium, Fish oil and chlorella

4. Diet
There is a direct connection between diet and health. A diet rich in dark leafy greens, water, spices, healthy oils and colourful fruits make the skin appear more healthy and youthful. Examples of this foods include; wild rice, dandelion greens, garlic, lemons, berries, beans, cranberries, kelp broccoli, Spinach, bananas, flaxseed, sweet potato, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, raisons, brazil nuts, oregano and turmeric. Juicing is a great way to include some you favourite anti-aging foods. Supermodel Iman makes a juice of kale, spinach, romaine celery, and coconut water. At 58 she looks very youthful so we can sure pick a leaf from her.

5. Stress management
This is the hardest part, you can get an airtight exercise and diet routine but if you can’t relax its all in vain. When we are young we are carefree and light hearted, but as we go through life we get hurt and we hold grudges. We lose loved ones and are betrayed by trusted colleagues. This leads us to look wary and jaded. We carry a lot of tension and burdens in our bodies and in our hearts. It is important we learn to manage this through exercise, yoga, spirituality, sex, meditation and massage. It is true what they say that laughter is not only the best medicine but the key to youth.

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