Men…women…rights and personal space

So…as Kenyans come to terms with women carrying on and marrying multiple husbands, the rest of us face each day with consistent energy and pace. Yes, it makes for an amusing piece of news…but imagine how that conversation went. Living with one and spending a number of decades trying to get the grasp of how his world spins, you can imagine how I marvelled at how these 2 women can keep a number of men pleased and content…those secrets would make many a bestseller.

cheatingWhat makes a lady take on multiple lovers? How about those men who even sit, have a discussion about it and come to the mutually agreed position that they are quite comfortable attending to the affections of the same lady. No fist fights to square this one out…just a written down ‘Agreement’, laying out the terms expected and the deliverables :) How very cultured we’ve become…

Could the Courtship initiative now have become the domain of the female huntress? Seeking out suitable prey…. Stalking…laying claim to her territory. And may the best man win! “Show me what you got”! Has ekeing out a living become such a tough prospect, we seek companionship, sexual intimacy, financial provision, domestic support in whichever form its available? If the world’s population statistics are anything to go by, one man to every 6 females,how much more hunted can the male species get?

Before we are over that scintillating saga, here come 2 very distinguished men who have different stories, addressing their engagement with 2 women. One gets frustrated and deteriorates to verbal abuse over the airwaves, once the conversation wasn’t turning out quite the way he’d planned. The other gentleman has a literal rap, with one Rachel Shebesh, who was there defending the rights of the City Council workers. Who, by the way, had been admonished not to go on strike. That public opinion court is still the subject matter playing out at many dinner tables for a while yet.

So, one asks: who carries the day when it comes to moral responsibility for decorum and accepted social behaviour? Men argue for the gents, saying women have their designated place. Women, are divided on the matter. Some castigate the menfolk for not being able defenders of the delicate gender. Others agree tough talking women deserve every bit what they get.

And this, coming barely a few weeks after an MP had beaten a lady policewoman for having admonished him for parking his vehicle at a roundabout. He descended on her with blows breaking an arm, leading to her seeking medial treatment.

When violence and/or violation of personal space is adjudicated on a public stage like this, can we even dare gauge these displays as an indictment on the home-front domestics of the said parties? How do we settle our scores?

Bottom line: Considering each scenario, what would have been the best outcome and response to each party’s grievances? You be the judge…

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