Encounter with a cute stranger

denim guitar bagToday I met a cute stranger, well, maybe met is not the right word, but we shared breathing space and a bus ride for about ten minutes.

He went ahead of me and got into the bus and I noticed his hands, nice hands, and the back of his head was pretty attractive too. He turned, and he was cuter than I thought he’d be. He was carrying a denim guitar bag, I noticed this because I am learning to play the guitar and also, I have a custom-made denim bag myself. On the bag was the word “Hazel”. Was it fate? That’s the name of the user on my personal laptop. Hazel. We had a connection. We could hit it off and get married, I could tell. A woman can always tell these things.

He got into the bus and took a seat, and the only available seat closest to his (and empty) was right behind him. He looked at me as I squeezed myself down the aisle, walking towards him, and he sort of stared. I pretended not to notice; a woman has to be coy, you know.

I took the seat behind him and watched the attractive back of his head.
He turned occasionally to the side, looking at the traffic, but really, he was trying to catch glimpses of me from the corner of his eye.
I could tell he is a firm man, because when the conductor came to ask for his fare, they had a little argument about the cost. He is a cool guy too though, because he knows when to let go. He paid the fare when he figured that he couldn’t win the argument with the conductor, or couldn’t be bothered to keep trying.

I was humming to the tune of “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston, which was blaring loudly in the bus, and he kept “glancing outside the window”. Maybe he could hear me and he thought that the message was for him. I only realized what I was humming along to much later. I would not have been his baby tonight, for the record.

I saw him stand up with his guitar as we approached a bus stop way before mine. He was alighting! I considered alighting with him and following him wherever he was going, but logic (darn that logic!) interfered and told me to keep sitting where I was because I had a job to go to. The bus was slowing to a stop. He turned back and looked straight at me, and caught me looking straight at him. I didn’t turn away as I usually do, I kept looking and my heart skipped a beat. We locked eyes for about five seconds (I counted), then he looked over my eyes and out the back window of the bus, as if he was looking at the road behind the bus. Why would he need to do this? He was alighting, not driving the bus. He was going forward, not back the way we had come (or maybe he was). Either way, I was not fooled. A woman knows when a man is attracted to her.

He alighted and didn’t glance back in to wave goodbye or anything. Why would he do this? He must have known that he would never see me again! Or maybe he knew that he would?

What is his name, where does he live? All I had to go on was a man with a guitar named Hazel, probably after the legendary blues and jazz guitarist, Eddie Hazel. Any Eddie Hazel fans out there?
How will I find him because I have to see him again? My Google and Facebook attempts have proved futile so far. There must be a way, and I have to find it!

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