Ask Lily: I dont know what is happening anymore

I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 years. But recently there has been some distance and silence and I don’t understand what could be the cause. Some time back I chose another lady over her while we were still dating. I was young and naive I a must admit and could not see what I had. So we went apart for almost an year before I realized I had made a mistake and decided to reconcile with her. After a battle with herself she accept me back and thought all was behind us.

Last year was great until she started her first job in a very nice place and moved out her place to stay with friends because for convenience. To clear things up she couldn’t move in with me because I have been not been independent because I have no job and still in school. The distance started increasing and I was getting worried but she said I should have nothing to worry about. I started becoming insecure something that usually am not but that feeling ended after a while.

During the holidays I requested for a meeting but she is ever busy and has no time. I believe that if you say you love someone the is always some time for that person even if its 2 minutes a day or a text. She broke off for holidays and I requested again for a meeting. I started saying how uncomfortable I was becoming and never realized that i was igniting anger within her. She finally told me that she was not comfortable with what I was doing always not understanding the situation but all I was asking was a little time of hers of the day.

Begin of this year she resumed her work and she went silent again only that this time I have been trying to call and text but there is no single reply even like attempts of trying to ask her what is going on. Personally I don’t know if shes mad or there is a new fling or she just wants to be alone. Help me understand.


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