Ask Lily: My cheating ex-boyfriend wants to work things out

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Me and my ex-boyfriend has been dating for five years. He has cheated on me more than once. I was pregnant i found out he was cheating on me with a little girl that’s three years younger than him and one of his family member friends that already had a baby. So i left him but shortly after the baby was born he said he wanted to be a family and he wanted me to move back home with him so i did, we started being a couple again and every thing went fine for a couple of months.

Then all of a sudden he decides to start going out after work which is 1am and he don’t come in till 6am. and on the days he don’t have work he comes in 12am-3am so i felt like he was cheating so i broke up with him to put on an act for 4days i leave. and i came back home to me and our sons stuff packed up and he knew we had no where to live but he still chose not only to pack my stuff but our sons too, am thinking to myself i can see him being mad at me but to put our son out too but am like its fine i leave the stuff where its at and i ask him why did you move our stuff out the room he says i was cleaning to room out. i say ok so i leave the stuff where its at about three days go past and he never moved the stuff back in

As always he comes in late at 12 or 1 am and we go stright to sleep and a girl texts his phone while he is sleeping and seeling if he made it in and i wake him up to ask about it he says its for his friend so i say ok and walk way and then when i come back in the room i see that he texted her back saying i thought u where sleep. i was so upset then i fould out that he took her to a 6star resturant that night where he never took me that made me mad so i decided to move out of state because i had nowhere else to go to better myself for our son. and now a mouth later hes telling me he wants to work everything out and he wants his family back our son is 8mounths and i don’t want to make him miss out on our son and i do miss my ex and love him but i don’t want to get hurt again and i dont want my so to ever get hurt what should i do?


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