Cheating Women

This is one of the most controversial topics that I avoid as the plague but here goes. Women cheat and there is no two ways about it. The percentage that does not cheat is like 15% (that’s my rough estimate). I had a long think about this.

The time we women sit around each other saying its girl time, it’s all about our husbands, our boyfriends, how the sex was so awful, how we think that our men are cheating on us and how scandalous the bitch he is sleeping with is ugly as hell. It is always about how you met this fly guy in the lift or in the shopping mall the other day, how you would just want to eat that chocolate of a man with a spoon. We appreciate our brothers so much but here is the deal.

A woman will not cheat unless she has been pushed to that limit or has been given a reason to.

What makes men think that we do not know that you have a Tasha or a Valentine or Njeri who you are in constant touch with each and every moment? What makes you think that we do not know when you have had dinner with a woman and the nature of your meet was not business or friendship? We know. We do not like showing it off because we try as much as possible to avoid an argument. We have too much pride to step up and ask when we ultimately know that there is another woman.

So what do we do? We look for an exit plan. The man we met at the mall (we already know the schedule and the times he pops in) is the same guy who we will make sure to bump into. Our trips to the mall will be more often than usual; whether to the food court, the salon at the mall or take the kids to the arcade to see this guy. It becomes a vicious circle and then one day, lunch at the food court and the kids hanging out with him. If he is good company, the kids will not tell you. They have someone who treats them so well that it is a secret not worth telling otherwise it will be all over. Nights out with the girls will be almost every weekend, while it is to see Mr Handsome and believe me this always passes the men(unless he is bright enough which I believe our men are. Though they are so slow).

See the thing with women is that once you realize that your significant other is not doing what he should do, we go quiet and we find solace with someone who well, treats us right. We like attention, period! There is no reason a woman will cheat with no valid reason. Deep down there is an urge to say GO F**K YOURSELF, but we keep it in because we have so many things to protect including your ego.

The funny thing that I have come to realize is that when you flip the script on your man to tell him that you may be sleeping with someone else, the thought is so revolting that they do not want to hear it and walk away to go and absorb it. On the other hand, they do not actually think that the same revolting feeling goes on inside us and find no reason to apologize. I heard someone say that a man can cheat because he can. Guess what, a woman can cheat because she has been forced to and she won’t stop once it gets better. Just because your woman gives you the silent treatment in an instant and lasts for a day, go back and do the checklist and find out what you have done. Erase and rectify what you have done or think you have to her before she decides to go MIA and you are over and done. There is always a reason for everything. Ask KANDI…

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