Head over heels

Whom are we kidding.There is a man out there for each one of us. The obvious and cliche “men are dogs” is just that ,a cliche. We make our men the way we want them to be. If you are an annoying little thing then your man will not want to be around you at all. Now back to the essence and topic of the story.

I have always been one to believe in love and I know that until I am no more something inside me will always love no matter what. I am the kind of person who even though you do the most annoying thing that apparently am supposed to be mad about, I will and then forget that I was mad. This is the contrary to love. If I want something I will go for it. Recently it has proved futile and I am beginning to think that probably it is because the game has changed a lot.

I am saying this because, how do you like someone who waits so long to actually tell you that they feel the same about you. And in this case its black and white, written all over them,you do not need divine intervention on this one. Pride is one thing that we all have and it blocks so many things on our paths. Anyway as a justification I am not saying that just because I am a woman that I will sit and rack my brain waiting for you to come up to me a month or so later with your feelings all laid down like an architectural plan.

You know, am coming to think that am better off saying and laying down my feelings for the other person to see and comprehend. Its like a whole load has been lifted off me. Later I can concentrate on other meaningful things in my life. I am allowed to air out my views on what I feel if it is for my best interest. All in all am still on this horse flying high no matter what he thinks. Funny thing is I never make excuses for silence,all I know is somehow he will think about it and when reality hits him, he will probably be too late to figure out if it would have made sense at all.

That’s just how life is!!

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