Ask Lily: Is my husband cheating on me?

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Ok i need to know if these signs sound like cheating to you. I have a gut feeling that my husband has been cheating here are some of the signs over the past year.

Accusing me of having an affair on several occaisions like if i miss his call i will get a text ok have fun with your friend.. he also goes places with his friends. he used to invite me but work would hold me up because it was never preplanned, now he just tells me he is going and doesn’t come home till the next morning or afternoon cause he does’nt want to drink and drive.

The newest is that he put a security lock on his computers and told me to stay off his phone because i do not pay the bill. this weekend he went out with his friends didn’t invite me . called me later in the evening and I asked if one of his friends wife went with them and he said no but she said she would have if you would have come. I told him to be sure to let her know I wasn’t invited to come. then i woke up to find him home on the couch at 4am and he had to drive an hour to get home. I asked him why are you home you were drinking he said i didn’t feel like staying and I only had 4 beers all night. this is the first time he did that. could the conversation earlier made him feel guilty to come home. he slept most of the day but I killed him in kindness and he almost got mad because i was being so nice and not fighting like i usually would for inviting me after he is there. he has even begun to tell me he thinks i have someting going on with the neighbour..

I have found naked (professional) not self taken pictures on his cell when i do get access and the last fight i brought it up he had all that but not one of me on his phone and he said his friend sent them. I told him ya and what married men do is look laugh and reply but dont save them and star them on your phone.

So with all this info i do think these changes are leading me to think he is cheating. do i ask his friends and risk them saying hey your crazy wife called me… or do i do as my mom said to me what goes on in the dark …. will eventually be seen in the light…

Should i just wait for his own lies to screw himself. Any suggestions?


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