Love at first sight

For a while now I have been began to wonder if any one could ever remember their first crush. Whether it was your neighbor who was like 2 years old and you were 3. At that moment it does not seem like a crush but you seem to want to spend more time with them.What do you call that?

Rewind the clock and ask yourself, what if your first crush was the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. That one moment of contact is the defining moment of eternity, would you really want to actually spend the rest of your life with them? It is a grand feeling those 5 seconds of staring and analyzing, though it does not count for eternity. I have a problem with love at first sight, I don’t believe it exists. How do you meet a person, less than half an hour later you are in love? Not in this world. No way!! Unless you are superhuman and you have already taken a journey through this other persons world and know everything about them.

Get over yourself with this “love at first sight”. Yes I am old fashioned and I believe in getting to know a person. It does not happen in a day and it takes time. After that in reciprocate I want to know what the other person is feeling because I would not want to waste my time getting to know a person who does not even come remotely close to what I feel. I mean there has to be a balance his/her believes and mine. It will be a waste of time and I believe its better to move on than waste your energy on something that is not gonna happen. There are people who force themselves to situations and circumstances that are clear as day that they will not have any headway.

Fine, you think you something special with this person then you realize that it will not happen. Dust yourself up, pick up your pride and run because you will look desperate as if all men or women in the world just got sold out. Realize that you have far more potential than you give yourself credit for. People are dispensable and if it was not meant to be then it REALLY was not meant to be. At what point does the brain come to register that? I don’t know but sometimes its good to get over some situations faster because they are not worth the effort.

I don’t know whether this quote is true’ There is someone out there for everyone” but if it is then wait your turn. If you finally do meet someone who is on the same page as yourself then case closed. One happy person, 100 Billion to go.

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