Latex irritant or just not feeling like

I have this question that has been floating in my mind for a while now. At what point in a man’s life does he decide that he cannot use condoms any more with his girlfriend? (Note I said girlfriend not wife). I have heard this with most of my friends and am left to wonder how a man decides to tell his girlfriend that he does not feel like wearing a condom. There is no particular reason for him saying this he just does not want. I am an advocate for use protection when playing bedroom games but this has baffled me and am speechless and have no conclusive analysis on it.

Take Alice, she has been in a relationship for one year and her man does not want to use protection yet in his house he has a whole pack of them. Am not sure whether Alice does not want him to use them but from what I gather the man does not want to, yet she goes along with this and she is constantly on contraceptive pills which ended up ruining her body. When I say ruin, I mean ruin her body to a point she was not sure what to do. On the other extreme end her man is sleeping with other women and using protection. Is Alice justified to actually stop sleeping with her man or is she in imminent danger if she does not get out of the relationship?

Alice is not alone, Brenda is another victim, she feels her man tells her that he does not feel like using condoms, again with no reason, she has now started using oral contraceptive almost three times in a week and am really worried for her. As I listen to Brenda, am not sure what advice I can give her but from the look of things she is heading for a rather steep slope in her relationship.

I am still wondering how this actually happens and how these women and others amongst us who actually go through this with no word for themselves. Personally unless am planning for a baby I am a very strong activist on using protection. It is not fair to put a woman through such trauma. I don’t know but that’s my take. What’s yours on this?

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