Money Secrets that changed my life

Lucky for me i have never really been a big spender when it comes to buying material things. I am however a spender when it comes to travelling and to wanting nice new exhillarating experiences. My personal favorite is that i love to take at least one international vacation a year, and go visit friends and family in the diaspora or elsewhere, plus i then take a few local trips. Travel isn’t cheap, why lie neither is it fun when you are broke. You should never let money rule your life because some day you may end up even compromising your morals just for some fast cash.

A church pastor preached a sermon on money that completely changed my life with money. Truly, money comes and it goes, some people are always broke and some seem to always have cash to do stuff or so they appear to. There’s also the danger of the credit card which is a story for another day. Where was i…yes the secrets to success in managing your money, it was an aha light bulb moment for me:

1. Give
There are people who are stingy whether or not they know it i guess its up to them. But the thing is, you cannot afford to be stingy in this day and age, because what goes around comes around. Give money when and if you can. If a guy is begging for som cash, don’t brush him off you can give if something in your heart stirs or if you have the cash to do so in the first place.

Giving also means that you will recieve in return whether or not you realise it. You can give to a neighbour or even to a friend in need but don’t give expecting something in return because then it would not be giving with the right heart. Give because something has moved you about someone elses situation and you feel you want to do something about it.

2. Give to God
At this precise time, you are in exactly the position that God wants you to be in, whether its a family crisis, a new baby, a new job, joblessness, divorce, death of a child, successful project, prormotion at work you name it. All things belong to God and the minute you begin to understand this, managing money will be a thing of the past for you.

You are not a CEO out of your own doing, yes you may have qualifications, and all but really God can get you fired in an instant. Its important to tithe, not because the Bible says so but because that money does not belong to you in the first place. Tithing is a controversial topic so i will end there.

3. Save
Its important to save. For emergencies, for your future, to buy a car, to placce a deposit on something, to travel, etc Saving allows you to be prepared for your future, and helps you when you perhaps mistakenly lose your job or get a death, illness or marriage in your family. Loans should only be taken to invest in an asset that will bring you an income. The reason for saving is so that you will not have to live in debt. People say they dont have enough money to save but thats a lie, everyone can save if they make it a priority just the same way you pay your bills, you should save.

4. Pay your taxes
Well the tax man needs his money, whether you like it or not you should pay your taxes. Some of us pay by default as a deduction from our pay slips, though even if you are not employed and are in business you should still pay your taxes. Literally, you’d be robbing the government if you don’t.

Truthfully i wasn’t really doing all the above, but now that i am i can assure you i feel much better and happier about my life and most important money doesn’t manage me, i manage it.

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