The right weight for your job

Well, you are probably reading this post asking ‘what does weight have to do with my job?’ The reality is, that weight has everything to do with your job. Lets be very frank most times we really do not pay much attention to our health unless we fall ill and our doctor says so or our clothes become are too tight for comfort and soon can’t zip up anymore.

I am one of those people who has been overweight for a part of my life, until i one day woke up and realised that i would end up with hyper tension and high blood pressure issues just like my mother, so I had to do something about it. I was in my early 20s so at least i had the energy and motivation since i felt awful about how i looked and i simply wanted to look fierce, chic and impressive. There are some factors though that you can control at the office which can help you stay healthy if you are already plummeting down a similar path:

  • It is important to take your lunch break because you not only need to refuel your body you also need some fresh air. You should try as much as possible not to eat at your desk, it promotes laziness immensely. You may not think it, but it does.
  • If you can take a walk during your lunch hour, then do so. Its always good to get out of the office and stroll a bit in town even if for only 15mins, you would be surprised at the difference it will do for your body and mind. Even though you carry packed lunch, eat first then take a stroll as it will help you refresh yourself and aid in digestion. Think about other things in life, besides your work during this stroll. Every now and then walk around the office too, as certain office errands which are one floor away from you or simply afew desks away from you should mean you wake up and walk there. If you’re confined to your desk such as cashiers, then work standing every now and then throughout the day as this helps with the blood circulation to your legs.
  • Under all circumstances limit your tea and coffee intake. Here’s the thing, some offices give tea at 10 am, after lunch and again at 4pm, others have tea stations with unlimited allowance of tea and coffee, it is crucial to take care more so if you also drink tea and coffee at home. Moderation is the key, even when it comes to Sodas. Caffeine is known to dehydrate you, so instead, keep yourself hydrated with water. Nothing is as good as water to keep you going, if you need a little punch to it carry some lemons which you can slice. If you don’t like water you need to start.
  • Stay far far away from the samosa, mandazi, chapo lady. No joke, those fried snacks add on the kilos like you wouldnt believe. Just as bad, is the nearest sausage, chips and bajiah joint near your office. Carry healthy snacks which are not going to do such damage on your body, like a fruit, nuts, milk, yoghurt, cereal etc. Logically speaking, you if you take fried snacks every day for perhaps two years, its simply not good to your body, and its simply a danger to your health. Don’t wait to learn the hard way, plan ahead and pack something.
  • Take the stairs. You may think that there is no way in hell you can take the stairs, but you would be surprised at what good exercise it actually is. I previously worked on the 11th floor and used to take the stairs each morning, without fail. Some mornings i used to look forward to it, other mornings i loathed it but i still did it. You can build your momentum on the stairs, start slowly and build up from there. The first few days will feel like you are about to have a heart attack or three, but you shall survive more than you know. You can do a session after lunch as well with other office colleagues.

Being over weight is never pleasant, whether you are simply a receptionist or an engineer, its not easy lugging around more weight than necessary. It means you move slower than you would like to, you lose breath very easily and sometimes you sweat a lot just from doing small tasks.

Irrespective of what the story behind your weight is, it is important to maintain a healthy balance that helps you do your job even better, most importantly, its up to you to do something about it.

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