What Happened To Kenyan Men?

The other day, I was watching KTN’s Case files and I couldn’t help shedding tears. This particular story was about a young girl (very young I might add) who killed her baby so that she could have time to care of her ailing father. Though I don’t believe that’s the reason she did it, I feel her pain. She was clearly a child when she had that baby. In addition to being a child physically, she had the mind of a child. Am sure you are wondering why she killed the child?

According to her, they (including the baby) had not had anything to eat for about 2 days. Do you know that feeling you get when you have gone without lunch? Now imagine what that baby was feeling. So she came up with an “innovative” idea to end the misery, she decided she was going to wake up very early the next morning and throw her baby in the river. Needless to say, the baby died out of shock immediately it hit the water. (If you were brought up in Nairobi, I feel I should inform you that river water is extremely cold in the morning) Like I said, she had the mind of a child. She didn’t even consider how she was going to explain her baby’s disappearance to the villagers who of course knew she had a new born baby. I mean, even those who didn’t know she had a baby must have seen her pregnant; 9 months is a long time.

Am sure you are all wondering what this has got to do with Kenyan men. I’m I the only one who attended that Biology class where they taught us that for a baby to be formed, sperm must fertilize an egg? So where was this particular sperm donor when his baby who was just a few weeks old was going hungry for two days? I’ll tell you where this guy was. He was at the local bar having some ugali matumbo and keg declaring his sexual prowess to everyone at the bar just incase they hadn’t heard him the previous day! Is this what our Kenyan Men have become?

Every woman knows that no matter how many birth control pills you stuff into your mouth every morning; there is always the chance that you could get pregnant. But Kenyan men have developed this mentality that they can go around having sex without having to face the consequences. These days when you get pregnant, you don’t even bother telling the man. You just get rid of it or go away to your grandma’s place to have the child. I think the new constitution had a clause that attempted to force Kenyan men to take responsibility for their sperm. (I don’t know. I didn’t read it) However, just in case it is a figment of my imagination, I think this law is long overdue.

In addition to this, I think there should be a law on statutory rape. Men who think it is funny to sleep with under-aged girls should be dealt with harshly.

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Author Bio: Eve is a freelance writer who has been in love with writing since childhood. To this day she spends her leisure time either reading or writing. Her latest project is a blog at www.kenyandating.co.cc

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  • Naomie

    mmmmh depressing to read but most likely the story of most girls be they up country or in Nairobi. Yes the constitution does say that the man shall be liable for supporting the baby mama. Now as to wether kawaida wananchi read the constitution to find out what their rights are, that’s another issue. Is it out of ignorance, lack of interest? Women and girls simply do not know their rights, some have no idea FIDA exists. To remain clueless as women shall be to remain in suffering as women, and that is the brutal truth.

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