6 pieces of lingerie every woman should have

Let’s be real, men can’t resist a woman drenched in sexy, now add on some irresistibly smoking lingerie and you have putty in your hands. To be honest i can’t blame them. I tend to believe there is something irresistible about a woman in lace, ribbons, leather, and sheer material that will always drive any man crazy.

Sexy lingerie lets you hold the secret to obtaining complete submission of your man, while opening the door to your sexual intimacy. For this reason, it is essential for every woman have specific lingerie items in her knickers drawer.

Lingerie is a fact of life. But it isn’t a fact that shopping for it has to be a chore. There are 6 lingerie essentials that every woman must have. Whether it’s a fancy evening out, or a relaxed afternoon indoors, these 6 pieces are absolute time savers.  So if you’ve ever felt like you just didn’t have the right thing to wear under your clothes,this article is definitely meant for you!

First up lets talk Bra’s. There’s nothing like knowing that your twins are looking their best for a confidence boost! Remember that your underwear provides the foundations for your outerwear and so you need to think about which bra is appropriate for what you are wearing.

1.  Seamless panties
There is nothing i find disruptive and un-ladylike as visible panty lines. With that said, its definite that seamless undies are the way to go.

2. T-shirt Bra
We all need one of these don’t we?? T-shirt bras are perfect for wearing under anything tight, close-fitting, or thin.  Because the bra is constructed of one, seamless piece, you won’t end up with those annoying boob-shaped lines under your clothes.  Plus, the moulded cups make makes it a great piece for evening wear and shaping without adding padding or bulk.

3. The Nude Bra
The one thing i see almost every day on the streets of Nairobi is women wearing a white bra underneath a white blouse or top. Some think it’s sexy maybe it is all the same this brings us to the second must have. The nude bra.

Contrary to common belief, the nude bra is a wardrobe essential for women of all skin tones. Many people equate nude with one beige or tan shade, but, in reality, nude is whatever matches your skintone. This is a perfect on for when you want to wear your light or white colored clothing.

4. The Multiway Bra
The Multiway bra is the third must have. In this day and age of women’s fashion changing practically on a daily basis, it would be obvious to say that not all your clothing has sleeves or straps thus its needless to point out that your normal everyday bra just won’t cut it.

We all need a convertible bra, there is no two ways about it. The best convertible bras are able to accommodate strapless, halter, and low-back styles with some brands even having crisscross or one shoulder options another tip is to look for a bra with a deep, plunging front, which is perfect for v-necks.

5. Shapewear
Lets be honest not all women were blessed with curves in all the right places, but what we were blessed with is shape wear. Why?? Shapewear smoothes, firms, and most of all shapes giving you the picture perfect hourglass figure whenever you need it. They come in different types from the slimming tank to the high waist thigh shaper, not only are they pretty but functional as well.

6. Sexy Babydoll
You can not say you have lingerie unless you have that one sexy babydoll that hits him right in between the eyes & you have him eating off the palm of your hands. However, much as we all want that sexy little number you have to consider a couple of factors.

First of you need to think comfort. There is no way you will turn your man on if you are fidgeting with lingerie straps that are not the right fit of worse yet a lingerie outfit that does not fit altogether.

Consider the purpose for which you would like the piece to serve. Are you looking for something with a theme, hence lingerie costumes or is it just a piece that you can slip anytime of day & whip up some serious magic. It should be soft, simple and above all else flattering.

I hope this article helps you with your lingerie purchases, both now and in the future.

Written by Edith who runs the Nairobi Secrets shop in Nairobi. Visit the store’s website here www.nairobisecrets.com

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