Of Wedding Proposals

I recently watched a Wedding proposal on YouTube that took my breath away, simply for the sheer creativity… this guy decides to actually hire a movie theatre hall to air the ‘movie’ (home-made of course) that he’s shot, proposing to his girlfriend. The thing is, she is actually been taken to that precise movie theatre to watch…a regular movie. Clueless….

So we move into  close up of her face lighting up in expectation as the movie begins..It breaks off to a scene of two men chatting but all you see are their mid sections with a back and forth exchange.In between these conversation bites we pan back and forth to the girl (seated with the movie “audience”, alongside her brother, who’s in on this whole plot) to see when it will register that all this… is her fiance’s Proposal to her!!!

The scene opens with her boyfriend talking to her dad about what makes his girlfriend such a prize and it’s so sweet how he chalks up all her good qualities 🙂 Theres a back and forth exchange of pleasant conversation between these two men discussing the virtues of this young maiden.Gradually, she it dawns on her that it’s actually her boyfriend asking her dad for her hand in marriage!!! And she gets all weepy as her dad hugs her fiance,welcoming him into the family; then asking him what he’s waiting for…to go get his bride!!!

The camera stays with him as he runs out of her family’s home, into his car, speeding off to the movie theatre, and even stands in line (obediently) to buy some popcorn! Hilarious…You only realise the magnitude of this moment when he suddenly stops outside the movie hall to take in a couple of breaths…then boldly matches in to go on bended knee. The whoops of delight from her fellow “theatre-goers” must have been a great help in boosting his ego.

I found this particular Proposal gutsy, somewhat, especially when you think about the cold sweats and panic-mode am told some men (if not most), go through when it comes to this Question. Will she accept? Will her response be embarassing? What do I do next if she says ‘No’ after all this? Actually, come to think of it…do guys even think of all that repercussion? I doubt it… Which is just as well, because mine was a simple bended knee over a romantic dinner and wine. How could I say ‘NO’?!

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