Let’s just get along

Politics, the environment, life …the hot topic still remains relationships. He said, she said. The FM stations have taken full advantage of these differences. And why not …staged or real we’re listening, commenting and in many cases relating to the stories.

But the more I listen the more disturbed I become. Do the sexes really hate each other this much? Is this the new order… revenge sex, rabid comments, total dishonesty, no comprise, just surrender. I know men and women may not understand each other, and the power shifts and struggles are on the increase, but can’t we just agree to get along?

Human males, like males throughout the animal kingdom, have some similarities and bravado is one of them. Comments like “I’ll beat her”, “I’ll see any woman I want”, “She doesn’t satisfy me” to justify the disrespect of cheating on us will not wash. Men … bottom line: you may enjoy the risk but you have no right to put us at risk too.

Ladies … people have affairs. That’s life. However the one off fling is not the same as the habitual cheater. Some relationships can be saved and more power to you if you go down this route. And for the rest … garbage is garbage. Throw it out! After one year of HIV testing because of my ex hubbie’s affairs, I discovered a lot of women from all walks of life in the same situation. This was not my ideal female bonding session. Part of protecting yourself is just getting out of the situation altogether.

Men …we marched down the aisle with stars in our eyes. We didn’t get married thinking we wouldn’t see you. So here’s the thing. We love you. We have babies with you. You’re hanging out with your boys all the time is a contradiction to the commitment you made. We don’t object to you hanging out with the boys once in a while but if you love them that much why not hook up with them instead!

Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Get over it. We’re not supposed to be the same and understanding each other is, in my opinion, overrated. I just want the basics from people in general: honesty, kindness, fun spirited and loyalty.

Let’s fight to get along. I’m sure the journey would be so much sweeter if we did.

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  • at

    I agree totally! Like!

  • Africangel

    Somebody finally wrote what I have been saying all along… Men …. not all ladies are lazy, money hungry, mean B*****es and Ladies … not all men are dogs. Both genders deserve to be treated better. Ladies: don’t spend all your time in chamas and church, Men: don’t spend all your time with chums and booze. And by the way… women do have brains; and they do follow politics and they do read papers. Stop treating each other like the enemy, or the baby; we are all grown ups; start acting like it!!!

  • Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree

    Like you i don’t believe the sexes should hate each other especially if its on the basis of misunderstandings due to backward behavior by either gender

    i think the key lies in what type of an individual one is before they enter into a relationship. This will help determine what type of people one attracts and will also filter out unacceptable behavior in a relationship

  • Naomie

    Female and male sexes were not created to understand each other, they never have and never will, really its just one of those things you let slide because it is as it is. What would have been the fun in creating just one sex? Don’t generalise, instead work on an individual basis its more ideal.

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