Kenya Honeymoon Experience: Where to Go, What to do

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There is something special about a Kenyan honeymoon, special by way of the romantic experience; the places you will visit and what you will actually do while enjoying your honeymoon.

From romantic safaris to the lovely Kenyan Villas and the all unique colonial lodges, Kenya has what it takes to accord you a honeymoon like no other, and don’t forget the picturesque scenery that will drive your love to a blend of laughter and memories to make your union hot and alive even long after your honeymoon.

Some of the places worth enlisting in your Kenya Honeymoon calendar include the Maasai Mara, Samburu Buffalo Springs plus lakes like Bogoria, Nakuru and Baringo. You can also visit a number of national parks including the Nairobi National Park where you will see a number of indigenous game like the Black Rhino which lives in the park throughout the year. Almost all small lodges and camps in Kenya have special honeymoon tents with maximum privacy plus personalized services.

Lamu is hailed as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kenya; it is calm with enough beaches and nice people with a rich culture. If one of the rules you have set out for your honey money is a vehicle-free environment then you will have it all in Lamu; you will use luxury dhows and donkeys to make your movements around. Sailing around Lamu mangroves and archipelago will open you to a natural world of irresistible happiness-the experience is purely natural.

Traveling from Mombasa to Lamu is a moment you just need to test; stop in the smaller towns and buy food from the local shops and vendors along the way-this is where you get a chance to interact and say Jambo or Habari (meaning “how are you doing?”). You will have fun as the locals explode into laughter when they discover that you are struggling to bring out the Swahili words!

Article by Linda Akware, is a certified wedding consultant at the Kenya Wedding Centre.

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