Career Plunge

There are many experiences we go through as career working women some of which we feel we are prepared for and others not so much. I guess the main reason I say this is because it can at times be challenging when you are trying to make your career work in your favour and the opposite seems to be happening. I recently decided to move jobs for many different reasons. Having written about already going through the pink slip experience, I never thought I would be writing my experience about resigning. I resigned for many reasons, but the top three reasons that I experienced daily made me realise that I needed a change… BADLY.

1. Lack of a challenge
Perhaps I should rephrase it to the lack of challenging work. Some people are okay with doing the mediocre, the minimum sort of work without necessarily wanting to do more may be out of fear of responsibility or fear of failure, they are content with the basics. I guess i am one of those people who pushes myself so I want to achieve more than I am achieving. Work for me needs to be challenging, perhaps a bit stressful to some degree. It should allow me to feel that I am literally earning my daily wage. Why show up for a job everyday which has become monotonous and actually now bores me to death? This was my first sign that I needed to change something about the work I was doing.

2. Unreasonable support from supervisors
Well if you have been employed for a couple of years, you at least know by now that there are many different kinds of bosses. Some you will like and some, not so much. Some simply make your life difficult because they can and maybe because they simply do not like you while others want you to actually grow and are interested in developing you to a higher level. Its not difficult to understand what kind of a boss you have, its pretty straight forward because believe you me you will feel it in more ways than one.

I didn’t feel the support that I wanted and that I felt I deserved. This support can be in many forms, such as providing you with the basic tools to help you make your work easier, some things as simple as airtime, sufficient desk and working space, sufficient stationery, transport to client sites or access to a laptop when you are working out of office. In fact most times you may find your self spending your own money just because you are not getting the support you need and yet you want to deliver on the job. May be you want to impress the client a bit more or you want to impress your boss too so you use all means that you can to achieve this even if it means using your airtime to make business calls.

3. Built for bigger and better
Then there is a day you will wake up in a light bulb moment because surely you know deep down in your gut and heart that you have been built for much bigger and better. Some people live a very content life in where they are at, which is great, but sometimes you need to take the plunge into what new experiences are waiting out there for you. May be you havent thought much about taking up new experiences or seeking them out. A few of my friends sometimes believe the new experiences will magically appear in their lives somehow and that is when they will grab them.

I took the plunge into a job I am fifty fifty about at the moment, but you know what, there are many reasons why I got this job, the most important being I applied for it. I never thought I would get it, (neither did I know anyone in the organisation) but now that I have I am excited and scared at the same time. I missed this excitement for sure! What’s the plunge you need to take?

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