Guy Pals

I’ve always loved being around men to be honest. Rough or polished I am at ease with many and of course through the years I’ve had all sorts stay, come in and out of my life.

These are my personal favorites that have been very dear to me these past five years as I’ve adjusted to my single mum status….

The Divas
My glittering gay pals are the funniest, most supportive and stylish men I have the pleasure of knowing. Silver tongued and witty to boot they are my protectors and I am their token straight gal pal. They’ve faced all sort of prejudice, fears… I mean to be gay in Africa is no joke! And through them I’ve learnt that there is no justice in judging. I love them….and partying with them is never a dull affair.

The Crutch
I was having dinner recently with my crutch. Like me he’s separated and looking forward to his divorce. We’ve propped each other up through the years and meet often for dinner and other socials. We talk about everything and anything. There’s no pressure, explaining, none of it. My crutch is handsome, wealthy and the perfect gentleman who always treats me like a lady. With him I feel special. And in many ways he is my man barometer – if he can treat me like this as a friend, shouldn’t the man who wants to be with me treat me even better?

The Eye Candy
My favorite accessory these man wonders are my wicked indulgence. They get many a tongue wagging with their youthful exuberance, trim bodies and style. Now if you’re a more established woman like me (aka 35+) the immediate assumption is he’s a lover and can’t just be a friend. Whatever the case there’s really nothing to say when you’re out with eye candy. A real boost for the ego I have found these darlings to be very attentive, free spirited and always prepared to play football with my sons. And contrary to popular belief hanging out with eye candy does not have to involve a cash or sexual exchange. The trick is really in the selection process.

The Reality Check
Now while I have nothing major against marriage and look forward to finding my “I want to be with you” man one day but these brothers are the litmus test to my resolve. I’ve known them from childhood and we’ve meandered in and out of each others lives through graduations, weddings, babies ….I watch how they live and thank God I am not shackled to them in any way. They have an over inflated view of themselves and spare no expense to strut their stuff and show off the latest toy as they torture their wives with their infidelities and avoid their children. Meeting them at mutual acquaintances and family gatherings is fun and I always have a really great laugh with them but what a relief to be able to walk away.

As you can see I’m covered on the man department.

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