The Motion Setter

Michelle and I met in college. It had been a girl’s night out and we accidentally bumped into each other in the little girls’ room. She looked miserable and her eyes were puffy and teary like she had been crying. Having such a humble soul, I comforted her and she explained to me that her girlfriends had just ditched her and had left with their ‘hook ups’ from the club. I knew how it felt to be in a club all alone when the clique you had supposedly come with ditch you. I asked her to come and join a group I had come with for the night and she was reluctant to join us but later agreed.

My friends Andrea, John, Alex, Samantha and Sheila were happy to see I had made a friend between the bar and the washroom, and understood why it had taken relatively long for me to come back. Samantha and Alex were and item, so were John and Sheila. Andrea and I were the only single ones in the group and the rest of our friends kept insisting that Andrea and I hook up. It sounded lame and Andrea was not my type, he was gorgeous, but not my type. We had loads of fun and had a good laugh, but that was the end.

The night wore on and I noticed that Andrea was interested in Michelle and I was happy for him. He was really a great guy and I had no bad intention if he met someone he liked, because it would definitely make me happy (and sad at the same time that I would lose him as a friend). As we left the club, they exchanged numbers, and that had been the last night as college mates. I knew I would miss the clique, but change was inevitable since we had all got letters to join our respective universities in a week’s time. It had been a blast and I was happy that I had friends who cared for each other through thick and thin and Andrea had found someone whom I prayed would be the love of his life. And there is where college life ended.

I went to campus for the first week and in a month or so, I started missing my friends since I had been used to being with them at any close moment. I had finally settled in and I wanted a life besides school and books. I had made a few friends, but I seemed not to have a lot in common with them. In time things were better and made friends who loved partying like I did.

On this night we left the campus and went clubbing in town. The streets of life are narrow and small and you never know whom you will meet. I was not in touch with Michelle or Andrea since they both were in the same campus, but way out of town and thus it was difficult for us to even meet. The music was fabulous and the atmosphere in the club was amazing and time off was all I needed. Little did I know that this night was about to change my life.

All my new friends were in relationships, others were seriously engaged and I felt lonely just like any other human being would feel. We all need love in one way or another. As I sat on the counter sipping my drink and bumping my head to the music, I heard a whisper next to me, “Your gorgeous and should not be alone, may I join you?” The voice itself was enough to make you want to scream. I did not have to turn to look at the owner of the gorgeous voice, I was stiff and my body was screaming. I do not mean I was never in a relationship before, but it had been a long time since I even had a man compliment me. I kept to myself for a long time after my last relationship ended, but it was time to let loose and enjoy life, because it was short. Back to the mystery man with a gorgeous voice. I swerved my seat and there he was, a gorgeous, man with beautiful lips and eyes to die for. My head was screaming “Where have you been all my life”. He was perfect. I was speechless and he instigated the conversation again and we had a blast the whole night talking about all the things we liked and we were 98% compatible. The 2% would take care of itself. I knew this was him, the one. I did not hesitate or ask questions, everything came automatically which was rare. We left the club that morning and had breakfast together. He was also in campus studying business.

He was an amazing person and we kept in touch, did lunch, dinner and went clubbing together. After a month and a half, we were officially dating and it was the best feeling I had felt in a long time. One afternoon we had gone to an art gallery he loved and bumped into the last person I would never have guessed to meet, Michelle and Andrea. They looked lovely, introductions were made and we had a lovely lunch and went separate ways.

A year passed on and we lost touch again. Michelle, Andrea, I and my now stable boyfriend met again and this time, the news was Michelle and Andrea were engaged; however they had left campus and were taking distant learning courses from their home. I had to beg their pardon, ‘home’, I assumed they were living together and I was right.

My relationship with the “one” went on for a long time and we cleared campus, he went on to be an intern and we met ever so often. One afternoon I got a call from Michelle and her husband asking us if we could join them for a camp, which was an offer we could not refuse, and went on to join them. We had a fun time together hiking and just watching the sun set. Alongside us was a beautiful gorgeous lady who had come camping alone, we all pitied her and asked her to join us and that is how we met Sandra. A lonely, skinny looking girl with bad hair at that time. She looked lost, humble and naive when we met her .She had just run away from home because her parents did not approve of her behavior. She was fun to be with and then in an instant we all became fast friends.

In a year’s time, Michelle and Andrea wedded and I and my gorgeous man also tied the knot. We had a bond we shared and friendship was important to us and thus we kept close to each other. Sandra had kept in touch and we never minded having her around, she was part of us.

The ultimate question is, how did Sandra start her bad habits and what was the beef behind Michelle and Andrea?

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