Believing in Love

I believe in love, I have to. Being a bachelor and all hoping that one day I will settle down with a drop dead gorgeous spinster I have to believe in love. What worries about it are the non-believers. The love atheists acquire it on some stage in life. This is after they have believed in love all along; they wake up one day maybe on the wrong foot and decide their love beliefs are gone. They proceed to say love is over rated and stupid. Only fools fall in love.

My bachelorhood has been one long episode of converting believers in to non-believers. This is mostly caused by my set out conditions when it comes to love. I believe in love but I do not believe in the baggage that comes with it. I do not believe in commitment, what is called the fear of the big C. I am proud to be a coward when it comes to that. I also don’t believe that love can outlive life and last forever. I know things that can outlive human life and love is not among them. Wine in a cellar can. I do not believe in reading minds simply because I am not a magician.

I have had my share of relationships. All of them failed like many African states. Each and every one of them has been borne out of pure love. It is all fun with no worries at first. Trouble comes when she starts demanding that we have to move the relationship to the next level. Picture this conversation:

Her: Darling, I have something to tell you.

Me: What is it honey?

Her: Don’t you think it time we did something about our relationship?

Me: ( confused) and what might that be? I…I mean what are we not doing right now?

She does not answer me but I have been through the situation so many times that I perfectly know what she wants. I usually play dumb pretending I do not understand a thing of what she is talking about. This goes on until the subject is changed on to creep back again in another conversation. Sooner or later she announces she wants to know where the relationship is going on which I reply it is moving forward when it actually the reverse. She needs me to promise that I will forever be with her. Red signals start flashing on my mind telling me to stop and go back. This is when I make her a non-believer.

We break up and she opens her eyes to see how much love is overrated and useless. I leave her heartbroken. She regrets why she fell in love only to come out hurt. She announces to all and sundry how she doesn’t believe in love and why it is only fools who fall in love. This always makes me pity them. How can someone get hurt by something she does not believe in?

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  • http:.// distantspectator

    like many people around the world you have fallen in love with the idea not the bolts&nuts reality of love.bottom line…. Its fear that holds us back from giving or receiving love.but at one point or another most of us hopefully will meet someone who sweeps us off our feet&vice versa(the fools type of love?) kudos to those whom its happens to.for the rest of us don’t lose can happen

  • rico

    Distantspectator, you said it right, couldn’t agree more

  • Africangel

    Love is different for every person. and I think Rico you really have no idea what love really is. You are just having a good time playing pretend. My fear for you is when someone turns you into a total unbeliever. I have a very bad feeling that you will be the worst of the unbelievers. I just hope that you will take it in good faith when the show is on the other foot.

  • rico

    I do not envision a time that I will become a complete non-believer or a complete believer. I prefer to sit on the fence and sway with the flow

  • Mwesh

    Rico…go with the flow and achieve what in the end….what happens then?in my opinion you are in the true sense the non believer and as African Angel says,you have no clue what love is. And when you do find love, you will not know if it is love or you will just be sitting on the fence watching it pass you by and you will never know it was love…good luck though in that department

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