Choosing the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

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There are many types of swimsuits in the market, and some will flatter your shape better than others will. Despite the many styles, the bathing suit will be either a one piece or a two-piece swimsuit. Cut, design, print, and fabric, will all play together to either enhance your shape or not. If you choose swimwear according to your body type, you have a better chance of liking the fit and how it enhances your shape.

Whether you prefer a one piece or a two-piece, you can find a style that fits your figure. If you are an avid swimmer, you will feel more comfortable with a one-piece bathing suit. Therefore, consider the type of activity as well. Always go for fabrics that can stretch and give you some support, as well as breathable fabrics. Some bottoms are too loose and will keep riding up, no matter if they are the right size.

One great solution is to buy separates that you can mix and match. Some women have problems finding a swimsuit in a size that will fit well top and bottom; however, if you choose separates you can find the perfect fit. You might wear one size on top and another at the bottom; this is common with pear shape women.

If you are small on top, separates will benefit you as well, but stick with a top that has some padding, and lift to enhance your bust. Bandeau tops look good on women with smaller busts only; if you have a big bust try to avoid a bandeau top. In addition, if you are heavy on top, you will need to wear an underwire top for lift and support. Look for one piece that will enhance your cleavage and offer support, especially if it ties in the back of your neck. Tops that have thin straps might not work well for the full figure woman as they will not offer the needed support, and may contribute to a saggy bust look. Keep the straps as wide as you can, sporty tank tops offer great support. Match it to a cute bottom and you are set for the beach.

When choosing a bathing suit it is all about balancing how your figure looks. Women who want to conceal a tummy may benefit from pieces that have built in tummy control fabric, and a waist enhancement such as scrunched fabric. One-piece styles will flatter best.

If you want to create the illusion of longer legs, try a high cut bottom, use fabrics that lengthen the silhouette such as vertical stripes, and try to wear a top that will get the attention away from the bottom part. Women with long legs can try horizontal stripes and a bottom that has a skirt or ruffles. Avoid anything that will lengthen your legs or torso more, such as vertical lines. A balance can be found with short style bottoms or a connected two-piece that looks like a one piece, but is open at the sides.

Overall, play with different fabrics and styles until you feel the one that balances your body.

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Author: Hannah Derrah
Bio: Hannah is a hardworking freelance writer that enjoys her spare time by getting herself in her beachwear and having some fun in the sun.

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