My Furaha Project

It’s going on to March. That means that most of our New Year’s resolutions have faltered, if not gone down the drain entirely. Chips have won out over those healthy salads you brought in to work a few weeks ago. Your brand new gym shoes have been kicked under the bed and forgotten (on purpose). It happens to all of us, and each year, we forget our past failings and promise – this year will be different, this is the year that I will change my life! This is definitively the year where I will morph into a skinny, organized, french-speaking, debt-free stock owner, simultaneously creating more time for my sweetie, my parents, my friends and my work!

That’s pretty much what my Furaha Project is about. Furaha means happiness. I’m starting my personal Furaha Project as a way to document and thus inspire my journey towards happiness this year. Incidentally, it will be one year in March since I last drank a soda. That’s a huge deal for me. Before that I regularly drank up to six diet cokes a day, no joke.  

I find that my most successful habit changes have been small and specific. And they have been public. Once I told my workmates that I stopped drinking soda, they all gave me the side-eye because they knew that I was the one who regularly emptied the office soda stock. After that, you can bet that I was determined to prove their doubts wrong.

I’m doing this project in the vein of Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project, who spent a year test-driving ideas on happiness from scientific studies, popular culture, age-old ideas etc. I’ll try and do the same thing, as well as actively implement things in my life that will make me a happier person.  One of my favorite posts by Gretchen is on how to stick to your New Year’s Resolution.

  1. Be specific.
  2. Write it down
  3. Review your resolution constantly
  4. Hold yourself accountable.

So at best, this will be the year where I morph into the skinny, organized, french-speaking … you know the drill. At worst, it will be a mildly entertaining account of how one girl is trying – trying – to attain furaha.

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  • Miamor

    Congrats! I hope it’s successful. I started a similar project 2 years ago; I called it The Yes Project and have no regrets. Check out “The Yes Trail” page on my blog:

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