Ask Lily: Where can I buy an engagement ring?

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I know this is a women’s site but I’m like desperate. I want to buy an engagement ring for my girl here in Kenya but I have googled to no avail cannot find any place online. Give me idea where i can go buy. Thanks.


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  • Naomie

    Is this like a trick question? There are so many jewelery stores to pick from. A good one is found near the Stanley Hotel, i have no idea what the name is.

  • Tamie

    Please try Nagin Pattni, i am sure you will find something fantastic.

  • Steve

    Naomie, this is no trick, as a jamaa I have never bothered with such stuff in fact recently I found out about ring finger size and to my amazement I do not know my ladies size… Dilemma is do I ask her for her finger size and spoil the surprise or I buy big ring??
    Thanks both Tamie and Maomie I will visit the shops

  • Naomie

    Find an ingenious way to measure her fingers, do not spoil the surprise every woman looks forward to the proposal moment!!!!

  • Steve

    Naomie it is easier said than done

  • Yunia

    Steve, the easier way is steal one of her rings and go with it to the jewellery stores. Most women wear wear rings on their fingers so u cant go wrong.
    On the stores, check the Al-Safa Store at ground floor at the Stanley building. Take the ‘stolen’ rings and they will get the size.

  • Steve

    Yunia, I thought of that but now she never takes out her rings unless she is in the shower or washing something… between town and my place it is far she will notice i bailed with her ring… hmmm what to do ???

  • Yunia

    Steal it when she is in the shower…keep low for a few weeks or months then get the ring. dont get too worked up on it…or else she will notice

  • Minnor

    Infact, take the measurement of the ring using a caliper (or ruler in appx mm) when she is in the shower. Make sure you measure the one that she wears on the ring finger so that u dont go wrong.

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