Heaven only knows

The drama that is my life just got even more complicated now that my cousin has decided to set me up on a date. And she is persistent! She called around to find out if I was single then called me and described the guy before proceeding to tell me not to tell him that I know all this stuff about him. Hmmm, makes me wonder what she told him about me! She sent me his phone number and discreetly added that he would soon be calling me. When he took a few days to respond and I casually informed her the girl went so far as to call him and ask why and I was given a date on which to wait for the call! Yarabi! The girl is set on having us meet.

It begs the question, why do people assume just because two people are single then they should be pushed towards each other? I hate hook ups. All right so not all my experiences have been horrible, I did meet my first love through a ‘so-and-so anatafuta damme’ situation. But on the whole I hate them. Especially when the person orchestrating the damn thing is so adamant on the two of you working out. My goodness! There is such pressure to act civil when someone is basically saying to your face ‘girl you clearly are having trouble finding a man let me help you out’. Its true but why are you confirming it? 🙁

I can recall with horror how in high school a friend of mine hooked me up with her brother. Gulp. First of all turning down the offer is a slap in her face because I was basically rejecting her and her kin. Secondly I knew a little about the guy and although he seemed nice he’d never struck me as someone interesting to chat with. Thirdly the friend wasn’t exactly a laid-back let-them-be sort of person. Nope. She was heavily invested in our ‘union’. Lord have mercy! So we met on our ‘date’ during a sports event at the school and I wanted to die. He was shy and awkward. Apparently the guy had liked me for a long time and had asked his sister to set things up. I remember I was pissed because my friend was putting pressure on me and I was supposed to fall into line and start liking him back regardless of the fact that we had nothing in common. We just stood there. Stood for what could have been 20 minutes conversing with the grass and watching a game nearby. Argh.

So why did I agree to this present day hook up? Curiosity I guess. The man is 5 years my senior, comes from an affluent home and is single. How does that work out? What is his story? I just have to find out and because I’m only obliged to have this one date with him I can walk away nice and easy. Plus the romantic in me hopes this is my second chance at having a hook up ending up well. Which girl could walk away from that?

The girl who is curious but who also knows that she can turn down a date.

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